Monday, July 22, 2024

Fort Point Landmarks July Meeting Part of Tuesday's BLC Meeting

will hold a virtual public hearing on Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Design Review at 500 P.M.

I.   24.1063 FPC- 332-340 SUMMER STREET (Public can offer public comments)*
Applicant: Christopher Kennedy
Landscaping adjustments to an existing garden. Presentation Link

Applicant: Derrick Fitzgerald
In kind masonry repointing.
Applicant NEU Rooftop
HVAC Equipment Changes
Replace two granite pieces (14"x41")on the building. Replacement to match existing stone. Replace 8 cracked glass window panes.

Business Meeting at 600 P.M.


24.1063 FPC- 332-340 SUMMER STREET
Applicant: Christopher Kennedy Landscaping adjustments to an existing garden.
Commission Vote


 Commission Vote


 Report on petitions and study reports status, Jennifer Gaugler, Architectural Historian


Two commissioners are needed to volunteer for the Study Report Subcommittee.

This subcommittee helps staff review any requests for amendments to the study reports after they are posted for public feedback. This committee meets on an as-needed basis.


Review and Vote to Approve the minutes of the 06/25/24 hearing


Next BLC hearing on August 13, 2024 at 6pm


John Amodeo, Celina Barrios-Millner David Berarducci, John Freeman, Susan Goganian, Fadi Samaha, Jeffrey Gonyeau, Christopher Hart, Richard Henderson, Kirsten Hoffman, Jeffrey Heyne, Angela Ward-Hyatt Felicia Jacques, Lindsey Mac-Jones, Senam Kumahia, Justine Orlando (Vice-Chair,) Brad Walker (Chair)

*Fort Point Channel Landmark Commission applications are being heard at BLC due to a lack of quorum at the local district commission. 

Thursday, July 18, 2024

UUA Message of Gratitude for the Successful Emergency Family Shelter Initiative

To residents and businesses of the Fort Point Neighborhood:

On behalf of the planning team for the SafetyNet Shelter at 24 Farnsworth Street, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for your support for this project to provide temporary, emergency shelter to families in need. This four-month project is now concluded, and has been a testament to the power of creativity and partnership to meet the needs of our community and the current moment.

Around the winter holidays, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) learned the Commonwealth of Massachusetts needed short-term shelter space, since a surge in families migrating from Haiti had overwhelmed the system during the coldest months. The Unitarian Universalist Association, as the national headquarters for over 1000 liberal religious congregations across the United States, reached out to the state and offered vacant tenant space at our headquarters building in Fort Point. The Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities connected us with the City of Boston, the United Way of Massachusetts Bay, the YMCA of Greater Boston, and the Black Refugee and Immigrant Community Coalition. Working together, we opened a temporary SafetyNet shelter for 25 families with children on the UUA’s sixth floor.

Our first guests arrived on March 7th, and the project was completed by June 30th - all families were all placed in housing by the time of we closed the temporary shelter’s doors. Families stayed overnight at the UUA, and were driven to the YMCA and community centers during the day to receive additional support and services. Before coming to stay with us, most had been sleeping at Logan Airport. Through the shelter program and BRICC’s support, they were able to file for work permits, school placements and get help with housing applications. By any measure – and by the measure of the values that Unitarian Universalists live by and promote – this project has been a success.

The support from the Fort Point neighborhood has been critical to this project’s success. Before the shelter opened, the planning partners held a public meeting with the Fort Point Neighborhood Association and the City’s Office of Neighborhood Services, and remained engaged with regular updates. When there were logistical concerns, residents and abutters brought them to the planning team and we worked to address them.

We heard so many times the pride you felt, knowing that the Seaport could provide a supportive community to these families in their time of need. Some donated time, money and needed home goods, collected by the South Boston Neighborhood House. Local businesses made generous donations -Flour provided breakfast every Sunday, and The Children’s Museum gave 50 tickets so that families could enjoy the museum’s offerings.

Now that the shelter project is concluded, the UUA will be reopening its building to the public and returning the space to commercial use, as originally intended. We will be seeking new commercial tenants for our vacant space. We also invite you to check out our inSpirit Book and Gift shop on the first floor, now re-opened Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays.

The UUA, as your ongoing neighbor, was grateful to be able to use our assets in a creative way to do our part in addressing the housing crisis and our broken asylum system. From the beginning, this was a project grounded in mission and in partnership, something we never could have done alone. We hope that other building owners across the city and state will take up this challenge to help in the ways they can, a point we made in a recent opinion piece in Commonwealth Magazine.

Thank you again for your faith and support of this critical project, and for helping the Seaport neighborhood do its part to support our community’s families in need.


Carey McDonald
Executive Vice President

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Upcoming Happenings About & Around The Neigborhood

 Upcoming Happenings 

6/22: Fort Point Festival & Arts Marketplace  will take place from 12pm to 8pm at A Street Park (135 A Street) in association with Alliaza Park Series beer garden pop-up..

6/24: CITY COUNCIL COMMITTEE ON WAYS AND MEANS HEARING ON DOCKET #0990, FY25 BUDGET: PUBLIC TESTIMONY at 6pm. Docket #0990, disapproving the Annual Appropriation and Tax Order for FY2025, (Docket #0670), passed by the City Council on June 05, 2024.


6/26: Conservation Commission Meeting at 6pm. Seaport Parcel F & G for proposed soil borings, test pits, and installation of groundwater observation wells located at 85 Northern Ave

6/27: 15 Necco Neighborhood Open House from 10am to 12pm at the Touchdown Space in the lobby.

6/27: South Boston Transportation Action Plan (SBTAP) DRAFT Public Meeting at 6pm at the Tynan Elementary School Cafeteria, 650 East 4th Street.

7/8: CITY COUNCIL COMMITTEE ON PLANNING, DEVELOPMENT, AND TRANSPORTATION HEARING ON DOCKET #0357 at 10am to discuss the possibility of congestion pricing in Boston.

7/8: Summer Street Pilot Open House starts at 5pm with presentation and Q &A at 6:30pm at the Tynan School, 650 E S4th St.

7/9: CITY COUNCIL COMMITTEE ON GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS HEARING ON DOCKET #0925  at 10am to discuss an Ordinance that would provide a property tax exemption for commercial properties occupied by qualifying small businesses. 

7/9: CITY COUNCIL COMMITTEE ON PLANNING, DEVELOPMENT, AND TRANSPORTATION HEARING ON DOCKET #0303 at 2pm to review the rules and regulation of vehicles in relation to expansion of micro mobility access.

7/9: Boston Civic Design Commission Monthly Meeting at 5pm.  Sign up to receive agenda notifications.

7/11: Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park Flood Mitigation Planning & Feasibility Study Virtual Open House at 6pm to review study findings to date, explore how proposed resilience alignments and strategies in the RLFMP will help address current and future flooding risk this area of the South Boston Waterfront which protects port and critical infrastructure and other neighborhood assets, and to provide feedback on preferred alternatives.

Comment Deadlines & Certificates

6/21: Reserved Channel Master Plan Environmental Notification Form comments due to MEPA Analyst, Alexander Strysky. (extended from June 7)

6/21: Reserved Channel BPDA PNF comment deadline (extended from June 7)

7/3:  253 Summer/Lolita Chapter 91 amendment comment deadline   an after-the-fact conversion of extended seasonal outdoor patio & public passageway to the public dock and Harborwalk. Details available online by entering 23-WW03-0004-AMD in “Record ID” search field. Send comments to Frank Taormina. 

7/8: 232 A Street FEIR comments due to MEPA Analyst, Nicholas Perry. 

MMT Parcel 5 RLFMP NPC Certificate: EIR not required

originally published 06.21.24

Sunday, June 23, 2024

15 Necco Neighborhood Open House

Alexandria Real Estate Equities and National Development are inviting the neighborhood to an Open House of Fort Point's newest building, 15 Necco on:

Thursday, June 27, 2024
10am - 12pm
Touchdown Space (located in the lobby)

Breakfast treats will be provided by Revival Cafe, who will be operating the cafe next door to the Community Work Lounge. 

originally published 06.20.24

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Drink Great Beer, Eat Great Food, Buy Great Art This Saturday!

update 6/22/24: The event is on today, Saturday!

This Saturday, June 22nd, the first ever Fort Point Festival & Arts Marketplace will take place from 12pm to 8pm at A Street Park (135 A Street). 

The Festival is held in association with the Alianza Park Series—a City of Boston partnership with Roundhead Brewing Company and Fresh Food Generation to bring a first-of-its-kind traveling beer garden to seven Boston’s parks throughout the summer. Fort Point's A Street Park is is the first City Park activation and it is launching June 19th.

Join your neighbors for a family-friendly festival with activities on the lawn at the park. Browse and buy art directly from the artists, enjoy Fresh Food Generation’s flavorful menu of Caribbean American fusion, taste a cold beer from MA's first Latino-owned brewery, Roundhead Brewing, and listen to live music starting at 4:30pm until sunset. 

The Fort Point Festival & Arts Marketplace is hosted by FPNA, in collaboration with 249 A St Artists Cooperative, The Artist Building at 300 Summer St, Midway Artist Studios, The Muse at 63 Melcher, and the Fort Point Arts Community.
Allianza will be at A Street Park from June 19 through June 23 and June 26 through June 30. The hours are: There hours are:  Wednesdays and Thursday: 4pm-9pm, Fridays & Saturdays 12pm-9pm and Sundays 12pm-6pm.

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originally published 06.18.24

Friday, June 21, 2024

Temporary Emergency Family Shelter Update to the Fort Point Community

A brief update from the UUA to the Fort Point Community

The Temporary Emergency Family Shelter at 24 Farnsworth St. is in its final two weeks. We are happy to share that placements have been located for all the families staying as guests; moving out has already started the week of June 21st, and will continue through the next two weeks, staying flexible due to the heat advisory. Students are finishing out the year at Boston Public Schools. We remain on track to complete these placements for all guests so that they can move out by the June 30 deadline. Operations continue to be smooth, without any disruptions or major concerns. 


Our community partners who operate the shelter, the Boston Refugee and Immigrant Community Coalition, are still in need of certain home furnishings for the apartments where they are placing the families, such as appliances, certain furniture items, etc. The South Boston Neighborhood House is accepting donated items, new or gently used only. Urgently needed items include : Microwaves, Refrigerators, Vacuums, Tables, Chairs, Pots and Pans, Silverware, Dinnerware, Toasters, Blenders, Coffee Makers, Cleaning Supplies, and other small appliancesCheck the United Way for updates. Cash donations can also be made through the United Way.


As I mentioned at the FPNA meeting, once the shelter project is concluded the UUA is returning the space to commercial leasing. We will also be re-opening the inSpirit Book & Gift Shop located on the first floor of our building. 

We’ll provide another update once the shelter project is concluded, and hope everyone has a great summer!




Carey McDonald

Unitarian Universalist Association

Executive Vice President

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Happenings Around & About The Neighborhood This Week & Next

updated 6/16/24 with 372 Congress Just Salad Abutters meeting.

Don't miss what is happening in the neighborhood the first two weeks of June.

June 5: Conservation Commission Meeting at 6pm, includes 7 Channel Center St. NOI and related stormwater report regarding the building's demolition and construction and 232 A Street request for a determination of applicability

June 6: Life Science Public Safety In Person Public Meeting at 6pm at 105 W 1st St. This  is a public meeting in partnership with the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC), Boston Fire Department, and Boston Emergency Medical Services to discuss the public safety protocols and regulatory responsibilities currently in place for the Boston Life Sciences industry.  

June 6  BPDA Article 80 Development Review Process Draft Recommendations last  Workshop Virtual from 6:00 PM–8:00 PM 

June 8: Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2024 from 12pm to 3pm at The ICA. 

June 10: BPDA Article 80 Development Review Process Draft Recommendations survey survey deadline. View draft recommendation materials

June 10: 311 Summer St (327 A Street elevation) Abutters Meeting/Five Iron Golf (NEW) at 7pm. Proposal: All alcoholic beverage license until 2am and outdoor patio. Doors open at 6am. View meeting recording

June 11: Summer Street Pilot Open House from 5PM - 8PM @ The 105 by Breakthrough (CRISPR) at 105 W 1st St, Boston, MA 02127

June 12th: Zoning Commission Public Meeting at 9am. Agenda includes:

  • Said text and map amendments would adopt FEMA’s new Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs), which will be effective as of July 3rd, 2024, which is necessary in order for Boston to maintain its designation as a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) community. Said text amendment brings Article 25 into compliance with federal flood regulations for development in the floodplain while the adoption of the new FIRMs will codify where these regulations will apply.
  • 7th Amendment to the Master Plan for Planned Development Area No. 69, The 100 Acres and Development Plan for 232 A Street within Planned Development Area No. 69, The 100 Acres.

June 12: 372 Congress St / Just Salad Abutters Meeting at 7pm

Proposal: Common Victualler License. Anticipated opening August 2024 View meeting recording

June 13: Chapter 91 license amendment hearing LCTB Fort Point, LLC requesting an amendment to Waterways License No. 14667 at 2pm to authorize an after-the-fact conversion of 853 sf of Necco Court (private way) and change of use of approximately 488 sf of the paver area for extended seasonal outdoor (Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar) separated with a wood beam riser from a 365 sf area (15 to 20 foot wide) for continued public pedestrian access to the public docking facility and Harborwalk located on Filled Tidelands. Project plans and documents for this Waterways Application are on file for public viewing electronically at: (enter 23-WW03-0004-AMD in the Search Page in the “Record ID” field). Send comments to Frank Taormina Comment deadline is July 3rd.

June 13: Fort Point Channel Landmarks Commission Public Meeting at 6pm.

June 14: Summer Street Pilot Open House from 12:30PM - 1:30PM via Zoom

June 17: South Boston Beaches Climate Workshop hosted by Save The Harbor Save The Bay & The Metropolitan Beaches Commission at 6pm at at Saint Monica's Church, 331 Old Colony AveLearn tools and strategies to increase resiliency and improve coastal defense while preserving public access to South Boston public beaches in conjunction with South Boston's adaptation and resiliency priorities. Register. Outcomes and initial recommendations will be released in the fall.

June 21: Reserved Channel Master Plan Environmental Notification Form comments due to MEPA Analyst, Alexander Strysky. (extended from June 7)

June 21: Reserved Channel BPDA PNF comment deadline (extended from June 7)

originally published 6.05.24

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Fort Point Festival & Arts Marketplace Debuts In Partnership With Roundhead Brewing & Fresh Food Generation

updated 06/12/24 with exciting opportunity for musicians to perform from 3pm to 8pm on June 22nd. 

The Fort Point Neighborhood Association, in collaboration with 249 A St Artists Cooperative, The Artist Building at 300 Summer St, Midway Artist Studios, The Muse at 63 Melcher, and FPAC, is excited to announce the first ever Fort Point Festival and Arts Marketplace. 

This family-friendly event is held in partnership with the Alianza Park Series*, a beer garden by Roundhead Brewing with Fresh Food Generation's pop-up, occurring at the A St Park.

The Fort Point Festival & Arts Marketplace will be on Saturday, June 22, 2024 from 12pm to 8pm. This change from a two day to one day festival is at the suggestion of our artist participants.

There is limited spaces available. If you are an artist or artisan who would like to join us and sell your work at our open-air art market, the fee for one of the 24 available spaces is $25 for the day and artists will retain 100% of their sales proceeds. 

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the Google form or scan the QR code above. Applications will be accepted on a rolling acceptance basis until Friday, June 14th.

Any seller questions, please contact Domingo-Martin.

If you are a musician interested in performing at the Fort Point Festival & Arts Marketplace, there are slots available from 3pm to 8pm on June 22nd, Please email us by June 18th. 

*The Alianza Park Series, offering community based activations through food, beverages, art, music and games, is taking place Wednesday to Sunday at seven City of Boston Parks throughout the summer. Allianza will be at A Street Park from June 19 through June 23 and June 26 through June 30.

originally published 05.30.24

Tuesday, June 04, 2024

Help Improve Boston's Development Review Process

updated 06/04/24 with links to virtual workshops.

If you have not yet attended the Development Review Process Draft Recommendations Workshops, please attend one of the remaining Improving Boston's Development Review Process Workshops:

May 30: Menino Community Center from 6:00 PM–8:00 PM 125 Brookway Road, Roslindale

June 1: Bolling Building from 2:00 PM–4:00 PM at 2300 Washington Street, Roxbury         

June 4  Virtual from 6:00 PM–8:00 PM 

June 6  Virtual from 6:00 PM–8:00 PM 

All workshops will have identical content. You may join the one that works best for you. Food and childcare will be provided for in-person workshops.

Review the draft recommendation materials online 

If you are unable to attend the in-person workshops, please visit the project page to review the workshop materials and share your feedback by completing the survey by June 10th.

originally published 05.28.24

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

FPNA Neighborhood Gathering 5/28 and Upcoming Happennings

updated 5/29/24 with additional events, agendas and public feedback opportunities. 

 FPNA cordially invite you to
A Neighborhood Gathering

Tuesday, May 28th, 2024
6 pm to 8 pm
CRISPR Building Lobby
105 West First Street
or via Zoom

Our C-6 Community Officers 

MA Representative David Biele’s Office Legislative Updates

Sleeper Street & Congress Street 
Interim Changes to Improve Pedestrian Safety
Pat Hoey, Boston Transportation Department 

Farnsworth Family Shelter Update
Wind Down Plans
United Way & Unitarian Universalist Association

Cypher Street Pollution Remediation Update
Ileen Gladstone - Community LSP and SVP at GEI

Five Iron Golf 
311 Summer Street
A new virtual golf entertainment establishment
requesting an all alcohol license with 2AM closing

A Street Park Beer Garden
Wednesdays through Sundays June 16 - June 30
Craig Panzer - Roundhead Brewing
Cassandria Campbell - Fresh Food Generation

Neighborhood Updates  
Fort Point Festival & Arts Marketplace and Development Updates

 Upcoming Happenings

Reserved Channel Project, approximately 1,739,000 square feet of development in eight new buildings. Building uses are proposed to include a variety of commercial, research and development, civic, residential, and ground floor uses. 

May 22: MEPA site visit at 4pm at 645 Summer Street

May 22: Wrap Up Meeting and MEPA Consultation at 6pm at the Condon School, 200 D St. and via zoom

June 7: Reserved Channel Master Plan Environmental Notification Form comments due to MEPA Analyst, Alexander Strysky. (new date)

June 7: Reserved Channel BPDA PNF comment deadline. (new date) 

May 31: Mayor Wu's South Boston Coffee Hour at the Medal of Honor Park from 9:30am to 10:30am. It' a great opportunity to talk to the Mayor and City department heads about neighborhood issues and ideas. You can even get a free plant grown by the Parks Department.

May 31: Comment deadline on the Cannabis Zoning Amendment to remove 1/2 mile buffer between establishments. The intent of the existing buffer zone is to prevent cannabis establishments from opening in clusters to ensure that no particular neighborhood would become the center for cannabis shops, and to ensure that dispensaries are spread out in the city, while allowing access to patients and customers. View amendment and public meeting. Read Councilor Flynn's position statement and hearing order.  Please send your comments to Will Cohen.  

June 1: 13th Annual Southie Family Fun Day hosted by the MOMS Club of South Boston from 11 am to 4 pm at DCR Marine Park, 98 Farragut Park. Free.

June 5: Conservation Commission Meeting at 6pm, includes 7 Channel Center St. NOI and related stormwater report regarding the demolition and construction and 232 A Street request for a determination of applicability

June 6: Life Science Public Safety In Person Public Meeting at 6pm at 105 W 1st St. This  is a public meeting in partnership with the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC), Boston Fire Department, and Boston Emergency Medical Services to discuss the public safety protocols and regulatory responsibilities currently in place for the Boston Life Sciences industry.  

June 8: Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2024 from 12pm to 3pm at The ICA. 

originally published 05.22.2024

Summer Street Pilot Open Houses

The Boston Transportation Department will be hosting three Summer Street Pilot Open Houses on:

  • Tuesday, June 11th from 5PM - 8PM @ The 105 by Breakthrough (CRISPR) at 105 W 1st St.

  • Friday, June 14th from 12:30PM - 1:30PM @ VIRTUAL via Zoom

  • Monday, July 8th: Open House starts at 5pm with presentation and Q &A at 6:30pm will be held at the Tynan School, 650 E 4th St.

These events provide an opportunity for community members to hear updates on the Summer Street Pilot Program, ask questions, and provide feedback that will help shape the future of the corridor.

Can't make it in person? You can still provide feedback via email.

Friday, May 10, 2024

UUA & United Way Letter To the Neighborhood Regarding 24 Farnsworth Family Shelter

FPNA contacted the team managing the temporary emergency family shelter at 24 Farnsworth Street regarding their plans to conclude operations. They informed us that, in an effort to minimize disruptions for families, the UUA and United Way intend to request an extension through June.

This additional time will allow families with children attending Boston Public Schools to remain in their current school until the last day of classes on June 20. It will also facilitate adjustments to programming at the YMCA as they transition to their summer schedule.

The United Way and UUA are deeply grateful to the neighborhood for providing a temporary home to their guests in Fort Point and for the support they have received.

The shelter team will be present at the FPNA Monthly Neighborhood Gathering on May 28th at 6:00 pm to address any questions you may have. 

Greater details are addressed in their letter to the neighborhood below:

Dear Neighbors and Members of the Fort Point Community, 

This letter is to share with you our plans for successfully concluding the Safety Net Shelter program currently hosted at 24 Farnsworth Street by the Unitarian Universalist Association, which we first introduced in a March 5 letter to the Fort Point Neighborhood Association (FPNA). As part of the statewide system of shelter for unhoused families, this temporary overnight shelter has been open since March and hosts 25 families with children. The project has been a collaborative effort between the UUA as the owner of the space, the United Way as the funder for the program, the Boston Refugee and Immigrant Community Coalition (BRICC) who operates the shelter, and the state Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities (EOHLC). 

The shelter’s operations have been smooth over the past two months. Residents are driven daily to the YMCA for use of their facilities, as well as to BRICC’s community center in the afternoons. School age children have been attending Boston Public Schools. Both BPS and the YMCA have also been excellent partners in this project. BRICC staff and their security team work closely with the UUA’s operations and facilities staff to manage the space and ensure the safety of our guests. 

We have now been able to clarify the timeline needed to wind down the shelter program, which will conclude no later than June 30, 2024. BRICC has identified placements for roughly half of the families and is on track to place all our current guests by that date. The shelter was initially approved for temporary occupancy by the City from March through May, a timeline which was reflected in the usage agreement between BRICC and the UUA for the space, and this plan will require a 30-day extension of that initial agreement and authorization. The UUA and the United Way are fully supportive of BRICC’s proposal to extend the agreement for another month, pending City approval, to allow BRICC to complete these housing placements and ensure children can finish out the school year. The June 30 deadline is firmly supported by the UUA and the United Way, at which point the UUA will be returning the space its office usage. 

We also want to clearly convey the successes of this project to date. Throughout the project, we have had an outstanding team of collaborators with BRICC, the City of Boston and the EOHLC. We are also grateful for the consistent support we have received from the Fort Point community and the City of Boston. We have remained in regular contact through the FPNA, and the United Way has received dozens of questions and supportive comments from nearby residents and business owners. We have also received incredible offers of donations from local businesses. Flour donates breakfast every Sunday for the clients at the shelter. The Children’s Museum provided about 50 tickets so that families could enjoy the offerings there. South Boston Neighborhood House played a role in collecting in-kind donations for the site. 

We are reaching out to you, the members of the neighborhood, to share this update as we proceed with this approach. If you have any questions, please share them through the South Boston Neighbors Contact Form on the United Way's website. We will join the next FPNA meeting on May 28 to continue our ongoing conversation with the neighborhood. 

This has been an excellent model for how collaborative efforts can bridge the gap to stable housing that gives our families a new foundation to thrive in our community. We are extremely appreciative of the ways in which the neighborhood helped us and our partners to maintain the well-being and dignity of our guests. 

Thank you again for your ongoing support. 


Carey McDonald
Executive Vice President
Unitarian Universalist Association 

Christi Staples
Vice President of Policy and Government Relations
United Way of Massachusetts Bay