Monday, January 22, 2007

Flour Bakery Open For Business!

This weekend Flour Bakery officially opened for business. For those of you who missed their open house or haven't been to their location in the South End, it's a bakery run by Joanne Chang which makes amazing scones, muffins, cookies, cakes, etc. They also have great soups and sandwiches. Head over and welcome the newest addition to Fort Point:

flour bakery

12 Farnsworth St.


mon - fri 7am to 7pm
saturday 8am to 6pm, sundays starting june
(closed major holidays)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Show Me the Money! Thurs, 1/25, 7:30pm, 369 Congress

Next Thursday night, ABN ( is giving their "Show Me the Money" on the BRA and how development projects in Boston are financed and work.

369 Congress St.
(above Seaport Hardware, half a block from A St.)
Thursday, January 25th
7:30 PM

More details of what's in the talk here:

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


It should be known that the beloved "Midway Cafe" , as is has been dubbed, is in jeopardy. This space has served as a meeting place for Midway residents and the neighborhood to gather and discuss important topics that effect us all.

Today's reality is that the "Cafe Space", as verbally described to prospective renters at Midway Studios is in danger of going the same route as the similarly described "Theater Space" and become a venue for private interest, not necessarily related to the local arts scene or neighborhood convenience.

We at Midway studios would like to see the Midway Cafe preserved as a true cafe space, preferable owned and run by local artists similar to the Chanel Cafe and open for neighborhood programming and small arts related activities such as gallery openings and coffee and small music venues.

The residents of Midway Studios are working in many avenues to try and achieve this however we are having a very difficult time getting real support from the owners. Currently without real action it is looking to me like this space will be rolled into the Artistry lease for the rest of the first floor for large for private for profit venues (weddings, corporate events) and could eventually be sold as permanent space to this effect. We at Midway find the prospect of this happening (especially given the mission of the owners) very disappointing.

If you are also concerned please contact the owners of the space and let them know your concerns. The owners are Fort Point Development Collaborative, A partnership of FPCC and Keen Development,, FPDC was established in April 2003 to foster the creation of the arts by developing permanent, affordable artist live/work space and cultural facilities in Boston's Fort Point neighborhood.

If you have a chance to visit the space please ponder the concept of it filled with strangers in black ties and dresses without regard or understanding of the neighborhood, versus filled with smells of coffee, nice lighting, some Greg Brown in the background and your neighbors and their artwork.

Thank you
Jay Higginbottom
Midway Studios Unit 316

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Mailing List

I've setup a mailing list for our public list, so people can manage their own subscriptions. If you'd like to join, you can sign up here:

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Gillette moving headquarters from Pru to Fort Point

Gillette is moving all of its office works from the Pru to their facility on A street and is going to spend $250m on the new facilities. No word yet if this involves new buildings or simply changes to their existing structures.


Gillette to move headquarters to S. Boston, upgrade facility
By Jenn Abelson, Globe Staff | January 11, 2007 Procter & Gamble Co. said yesterday that Gillette will vacate its Prudential Tower corporate headquarters and consolidate at the shaving firm's South Boston factory, where P&G plans to invest an additional $35 to $50 million to upgrade the facility.The Cincinnati consumer products conglomerate, which bought Gillette in 2005 for $54 billion, also said it will eliminate the Gillette global-business unit, which included blades and razors, Braun, and Duracell, as a separate division. Instead, P&G will combine the unit with its existing beauty and health, and household care businesses, joining brands such as Olay skin care and Tide detergent.
Employees now located in the Back Bay will finish moving to South Boston when the Prudential lease expires in 2009. P&G said it plans to spend up to $50 million -- in addition to $200 million previously disclosed in 2005 -- to upgrade and expand office space, lobby and meeting areas, training rooms, a cafeteria, and an employee fitness center.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jimmy Kelly passes away

Boston City Councilor James Kelly dies at 66 of cancer
By Mark Pratt, Associated Press Writer | January 9, 2007

BOSTON --City Councilman James M. Kelly, a former sheet metal worker who made a name for himself fighting court-ordered school busing in the 1970s and remained a fixture in Boston politics for more than two decades, died Tuesday after a long battle with cancer, his son said. He was 66.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Results of Community Meeting on Liquor Licenses

At the meeting tonight, the neighborhood was informed by Amanda Simon from the mayor's office that both Jim Apteker (for "Artistry" at 15 Channel Center) and Carl Christian (for "Warehouse" at 331 A St.) have withdrawn their applications for liquor licenses. They can (and probably will) re-submit at some point in the future. FPNA will post more info as soon as we have it.

Barbara Lynch came and presented her plans for her new restaurant venture in Congress St. She also talked about her commitment to the neighborhood and to being a good neighbor. There was a discussion of different aspects of the restaurant, but no serious objections were raised. I didn't see anyone who was opposed to it and most were very enthusiastic about her joining Fort Point and wished her the best.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Artistry Agrees to Postpone Liquor License Application

At the community meeting this afternoon, representatives from Artistry (who are interested in a liquor license for private events at Midway Studios) got an earful. Residents from Channel Center buildings and throughout the neighborhood sent a loud and clear message that Fort Point does not approve of what Artistry was planning. They agree to postpone their liquor license application.

There's a news item on our site giving more background on the liquor license applications:

Make your voice heard! Come out Monday night or send us your opinions ( and we'll deliver them to the Licensing Board and the Mayor's Office.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Important Landmarking Meeting January 17th

The recently-appointed Fort Point Channel Study Committee and Boston Landmarks Commission Staff are hosting a meeting to talk about the proposed landmark district for Fort Point and its significance, and to listen to what qualities in the district you would like to see preserved.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007
at the Midway Cafe
15 Channel Center Street
Fort Point, South Boston

Tonight: ABN Talk on the BRA and Property Taxes

The Alliance of Boston Neighborhoods (ABN) is giving their Show Me the Money presentation tonight at
7:00 pm in the South End at the Tubman House/United South End Settlement, 566 Columbus Ave (near Mass Ave). The talk will discuss how development in Boston is funded and works, focusing on the BRA, property tax structure, and the budget.

More information is available on their website:

liquor license and neighborhood impact

Recently several members of the neighborhood groups, SAND, FPAC, FPNA have expressed internal concern over the large number of new liquor licenses in the pipeline at Fort Point, and the possible impact on the neighborhood.
Amanda Simon, neighborhood liason for the Mayor's office has set up a meeting on Monday Jan 8th at 6:00 at Midway studios (15 Channel Center Street).

We all welcome evening activity to the area. but should be concerned that new uses are compatible with the character of the district. The recent party at Midway given for Boston Common magazine is a wake up call for everyone who lives here. This meeting is designed to create a constructive dialogue and new venues. liquor licenses will not be granted to those applying until concerns are addressed. Artistry, The new event venue at Midway, could be a valuable addition to the community if managed with consideration for residential abutters.

Below is part of a recent Boston Globe article:

"28 Degrees restaurant owners eye Southie location"

The men behind 28 Degrees, the hip South End lounge/restaurant that opened last year, are eyeing a new restaurant in South BostonĂ­s Fort Point Channel area. The owners, who include Carl Christian, Bill Emery and Mark Bombara, are considering the name Warehouse for the 275-seat space in an A Street warehouse building. Emery wouldn't elaborate on his plans, but he has a Jan. 10 Licensing Board hearing in hopes of securing one of BostonĂ­s 25 new all-alcohol licenses. The restaurant would have seating, a bar and kitchen on the ground floor and seating on the second floor, according to their application."

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Liquor Licenses

There are at least three proposals for liquor licenses in Fort Point which will come up at the next Licensing Board hearing on January 10th: Potbellies Restaurant on A Street, Barbara Lynch's place on Congress St., and one by the owners of 28 Degrees which will be on A Street.

Residents of the neighborhood received no notice of the proposals. FPNA is in the process of reaching out to the owners to discuss the impact. If you can make it, come to the hearing on the 10th. If not, we will post a report.

Monday, January 01, 2007


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