Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Outdoor Movie Tonight: The Third Man


Join us for a moonlit screening of The Third Man (1949):

Tuesday July 29, 2008 at 9:00 PM
Wormwood Park
(corner of Wormwood Street and A Street)

visit http://www.fortpoint.org for info and complete schedule


The Third Man (1949)
directed by Carol Reed
screenplay by Graham Greene
starring Joseph Cotton and Orson Welles
Who was Harry Lime? And who killed him? And is he really dead? These are just a few of the questions writer-turned-sleuth Holly Martins (Joseph Cotten) tries to answer as he trolls the shadowy streets of postwar Vienna. Director Carol Reed turns Graham Greene's classic mystery into a film noir without equal. You'll be humming the zither theme for weeks!. Winner at Cannes for Festival Grand Prize (1949), Academy Award winner for Best Cinematography (1951) Academy Award nominee for Best Director, Film Editing (1951). [imdb]


See you at the movies!!!

Steve Hollinger
Fort Point Stage

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Globe Article on Beth and Seth Marois

Fit to a tee
Local designers make art of the old cotton standby

There was no plan for the kittens to take over the T-shirts produced by Family Dinner for One. They just managed to cast their cute, furry spell over the husband and wife team of Seth, 30, and Beth Marois, 28. The pair make tees that simply say "Kittens!" and others that show naughty cartoon kittens, complete with black bars over their eyes. But please, don't assume the Somerville designers subscribe to Cat Fancy magazine.

"My point of view is mockery," Seth says with a grin. "For instance, for the past few years, I've found warning symbols to be very funny. So I created a line of shirts that warn against things like putting your head in a microwave."

Seth and Beth started Family Dinner for One two years ago, when Seth realized it was much easier to get his art on T-shirts than into galleries. They focus on tees that play with familiar images but present them in unusual ways. One tee sports a lobster playing with a ball of yarn. Another series borrows the genial chef found on most pizza boxes, but instead of a pizza, he's sporting nunchakus, or a great white shark. The line is aptly titled "Pizza or die."

"A lot of kids get out of art school and don't know what to do," Beth says. "Most of the people we know who make T-shihttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifrts are also fine artists."


Commonwealth Ventures Considering Saving 5 Channel Center

Hub developer will now save two Fort Point warehouses
By Scott Van Voorhis | Friday, July 25, 2008

A developer with grand plans for redeveloping a key swath of the Fort Point Channel neighborhood is now looking at renovating, rather than tearing down, a pair of the area’s signature Victorian-era warehouse buildings.

Richard Galvin, president of Commonwealth Ventures, said yesterday he is exploring plans to redevelop a 200,000-square-foot complex of early-1900s warehouse buildings at 5 Channel Center. Galvin, who is now in discussions with City Hall and neighborhood groups, is looking at putting as many as 130 rental units in the buildings.

“We decided let’s try and keep these buildings,” Galvin said. “I believe it’s more in keeping with the historic character of the site.”

The move represents a significant shift from plans laid out for the area by its previous developer, Beacon Capital Partners. The deep-pocketed Hub real estate firm, owned by the Leventhal family, in 2001 unveiled plans for a sweeping redevelopment of a block of old Fort Point warehouse buildings on what was then Midway Street.

While Beacon planned to preserve a number of the buildings, it also had ambitious plans for hundreds of new luxury condos.

It had lined up permits to tear down the buildings at 5 Channel Center as part of a second phase of condo construction, but wound up selling the project first.

Commonwealth Ventures, which took over the project last year during a downturn in the real estate market, has taken a different approach.

Instead of expensive condos, it is now looking at more modestly priced rentals that might provide a less expensive alternative to young professionals looking for a place in the city.

Commonwealth Ventures’ plans have gone over well in Fort Point, an up-and-coming residential enclave that features the region’s largest artists’ community.

“If we can just preserve as many of the buildings as possible, that is a wonderful thing,” said Becky Dwyer, a longtime Fort Point resident and artist.
Article URL: http://www.bostonherald.com/business/real_estate/view.bg?articleid=1109023

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Proposal to Double Size of Convention Center

South Boston convention hall could double in size
By Scott Van Voorhis | Saturday, July 12, 2008 | http://www.bostonherald.com | Business & Markets

The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority is reviewing expansion plans that would nearly double the size of the South Boston hall.

Just four years after its opening, the $800 million-plus Boston Convention & Exhibition Center has its calendar packed and the project has been lauded in the industry as a huge success.

Supporters say an expansion would allow the BCEC to attract even more business and keep Boston competitive with other cities.

Watertown-based Sasaki Associates recently presented a series of expansion possibilities to the convention authority’s board.

Under one scenario, the convention hall would add hundreds of thousands of square feet of core exhibit space, boosting the total to anywhere from 800,000 to 930,000 square feet. The hall’s exhibit space now totals 516,000 square feet.

“It is a confirmation of the success we have had,” said James Rooney, chief executive of the state convention authority. “The consultants took a look at the bookings. They were at least impressed enough to say we think you are doing the right thing to think about expanding. That is validating.”

Other ideas thrown out by Sasaki call for adding a second ballroom, possibly as large as 80,000 square feet, as well as an auditorium with up to 6,000 seats. There is also a need for as many as 50 additional meeting rooms, Sasaki found. The hall currenty has 86.

One big question looming is where such a major expansion would go, with the convention center covering two-thirds of its roughly 60-acre site.

The consultant’s final report is due later this fall. After that, Rooney expects an intensive master planning process that could take another year.

“The investment in the convention center was a major public investment,” Rooney said. “I feel like it’s been successful.”

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hearing on 1 AM Liquor License for Achilles

Achilles has applied to extend their liquor license to 1 AM (they misspelled their name, but it is, in fact, the bar on Summer St). There's a hearing Wednesday morning.

Kramsay, LLC
d/b/a “Archilles”
281 Summer Street
South Boston, MA 02127

Pursuant to M.G.L.A 140, 185! you are hereby notified to appear at the offices of the
Boston Licensing Board.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 23, 2008 10:00 A.M.

Holder of a C.V. 7-Day All Alc. Bev Restricted License-has petitioned to extend the closing
hours of the licensed business-

From-Midnight To- 1:00 A.M. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

Please contact Cynthia Fulton from this office if you have any questions
For the Board,
Jean M. Lorizio
Executive Secretary
CC: Atty.
Dept. Supt.

Liquor License Hearing for Channel Center Business

Bar D/R has applied for a wine and beer license for their space in Channel Center and in an outdoor patio for 35 people. There's a hearing Wednesday, July 23rd.

Bar D/R, LLC
d/b/a “Bar D/R”
35 Channel Street
South Boston, Ma 02210

Pursuant to M.G.L.A 140, 185! you are hereby notified to appear at the offices of the
Boston Licensing Board.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 23, 2008 10:00 A.M.

Has applied for a C.V. 7-Day Malt and Wine License-To be exercised on the above
premises-On first floor bar and lounge area, kitchen and storage with additional storage room
in rear of building and to include a outdoor seasonal patio from April through October for
thirty five (35) patrons on Private Property between the hours of 6:00 P.M.-11:00 P.M.
Jane Thompson, Manager
Midnight Closing Hour

Please contact Cynthia Fulton from this office if you have any questions

For the Board,
Jean M. Lorizio
Executive Secretary
CC: Atty. Karen D. Simao
Dept. Supt.