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GE Headquarters Project Public Meetings

updated 9.22.16 with 9.21.16 GE public  meeting presentation. BCDC meeting 9/27. Comment deadline 9/30. Details below: State and City publ...

Saturday, September 24, 2016

FPNA September Gathering: Fort Point Streets & New Dining

Fort Point Neighborhood Association
September Gathering for the Neighborhood

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
6 pm
Factory 63
63 Melcher St

special guest

Chris Osgood
City of Boston Chief of Streets
(Transportation & Public Works Departments)


STK Rebel Restaurant

a national high end steak house
One Seaport Square
seeking 7 day full liquor license


Neighborhood Highlights & Neighborly Discussions

***featured restaurant: Squeeze Juice Company***
now open at 15 Channel Center Street

originally published 9.19.16

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Boston City Council Looks At Appointments, Urban Renewal, Charlestown Bridge & More

City Council President Michelle Wu publishes notes from Boston City Council meetings. The Boston City Council considered these items and more at their September 21, 2016 meeting:

Appointments and Confirmations
  • BRA/EDIC: The Council voted to confirm Priscilla Rojas’ reappointment for a term expiring September 2021
  • Zoning Commission: The Council voted to confirm the reappointment of Jane Cooper Brayton for a term expiring May 2019
  • Boston Industrial Development Finance Authority: The Council voted to confirm the appointment of Quoc Tran for a term expiring April 2020
Urban Renewal: City Council President Wu filed a hearing order to create a docket for the upcoming Urban Renewal progress update hearings with the Boston Redevelopment Authority, which were part of the Council’s approval for a six-year extension of Urban Renewal Authority. This was a procedural technicality, but because the Council voted on the original Urban Renewal filing, the docket was placed on file and we need a new docket number to publicly notice the progress updates. The first hearing will take place September 30 at 10AM.

New Washington Street (Charlestown) Bridge: The Council voted to approve the discontinuance by MassDOT of a portion of a state highway to allow the City of Boston to perform construction work on the North Washington Street Bridge. Councilor LaMattina reported back on yesterday’s hearing, where Public Works Department Engineer Para Jayasinghe testified that this was more of a formality, as the City has always maintained the bridge; a title search revealed that a sliver of the bridge had not been officially transferred to City ownership, so a Council vote and four Councilor signatures are needed to finalize the transfer. Mr. Jayasinghe mentioned that there have been over 30 public meetings on the design, with the next one on October 4th. The proposed design includes cycle tracks and pedestrian space, along with vehicular traffic lanes. They are working to narrow some of the car lanes to allow for a dedicated bus rapid transit lane in the design, with a goal of construction in 2017.

Upcoming Hearings (Watch live at www.boston.gov/citycouncil/live.asp)
  • Thurs, 9/29 at 3PM: Protections Against Unlawful Credit Discrimination in Employment (Government Operations)
  • Fri, 9/30 at 10AM: 1st Urban Renewal Progress Update with BRA (Planning & Development)
For complete notes on this meeting and prior Boston City Council meeting notes, visit MichelleForBoston.com or sign up to receive these notes automatically each week by email. 

Check out next week's City Council Meeting agenda available here on Monday, September 26th. 

GE Headquarters Project Public Meetings

updated 9.22.16 with 9.21.16 GE public meeting presentation. BCDC meeting 9/27. Comment deadline 9/30. Details below:

State and City public meetings are being held for the General Electric Headquarters development project.

General Electric Company (GE) and the Massachusetts Development Finance Agency (MassDevelopment)  filed an  Expanded Environmental Notification Form (EENF) on August 1, 2016 with the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs to construct a new campus headquarters for GE.  The project site is a 2.4-acre parcel adjacent to Fort Point Channel, bordered by Necco Street and Necco Court. The campus will include three buildings with a gross floor area of  approximately 388,700-sf, including 95,400 sf in two rehabilitated 6-story buildings and 293,300 sf in one new 12-story building.  The new campus will be situated on the former site of The Channel. The buildings will be connected by two pedestrian bridges. The project will include 30 below-grade parking spaces under the new building. The rehabilitated buildings will contain public space on the ground floor and the new building will contain public space on the first two floors, including a museum.  The project also includes exterior public waterfront access, pedestrian and bicycle amenities and landscaping.

Under the  the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) Article 80 large project review process, the BRA is holding Impact Advisory Group (IAG)/Public meetings on the GE Headquarters project. An introductory meeting was held on August 17th. View meeting presentation

On August 10th General Electric submitted a Planned Development Area (PDA) Plan and an amendment to the 100 Acres Master Plan. These filings, along with all other documents submitted by GE, are available on the BRA website. The Third Amendment to the Master Plan, along with the details of the GE Headquarters project submitted in the EPNF, will be discussed at the public meetings listed below:

Wednesday. September 27, 2016
BCDC (Boston Civic Design Commission)
5 pm
Boston City Hall, 9th Floor, Room 937A

Wednesday. September 21, 2016

Tuesday, September 13, 2016
BCDC (Boston Civic Design Commission)
View Meeting Presentation

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
View IAG/Public Meeting Presentations

Public comment period for EPNF, PDA, and Third Amendment of PDA 69 (100 Acres): September 30, 2016.
All comments should be submitted via the website form or to Sonal Gandhi, BRA Senior Policy Advisor.

In addition, the GE Headquarters project will go in front of the Fort Point Landmarks Commission on Thursday, October 13, 2016. Agenda to follow.

GE has requested a Phase 1 Waiver to allow the rehabilitation of the two existing buildings, the lease of these buildings to GE, and the use of public funds, to proceed prior to the completion of MEPA review of the entire project.  The Proponents have also filed an Expanded ENF with a request for a Single Environmental Impact Report (Single EIR) in place of the standard Draft and Final EIRs.

The project is subject to a mandatory EIR for a new non-water dependent use occupying one or more acres of tidelands.  The project also exceeds 2,000 or more new average daily trips on roadways providing access to a single location; demolition of all or any exterior part of any historic structure listed in the Inventory of Historic and Archaeological Assets of the Commonwealth.

The project will receive State Financial Assistance from MassDevelopment through the MassWorks Infrastructure Program and will enter into a lease agreement with MassDevelopment.  The project will require a Chapter 91 License from MassDEP and review by the Massachusetts Historical Commission. The project requires a Public Benefit Determination because the site is located on filled tidelands.

A public consultation session occurred September 6th to solicit advice and comments from agencies, officials, and citizens regarding which environmental issues, if any, are significant for this project. Comments also accepted regarding the Proponents’ Phase 1 Waver request and Single EIR request.

MEPA comments deadline extended to September 30, 2016
Certificate due: October 7, 2016
Contact for project information: Elizabeth Grob, (617) 728-7777
MEPA contact: Alex Strysky, (617) 626-1025 
originally posted 9.1.16

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Free Small Business Resource Fair

MA Office of Business Development and the City of Boston's Mayor's Office of Economic Development are hosting a free Small Business Resource Fair on: 

September 28, 2016
10 am – 3 pm
Reggie Lewis Center in Roxbury
1350 Tremont St.

The Small Business Resource Fair features keynote speaker Roger Berkowitz, CEO of Legal Sea Foods and includes two workshops. If you are interested in starting, growing or expanding your business, learning about resources available through the City of Boston & Commonwealth of MA, and networking with small business owners, register to attend today! Space is limited.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Story Ship Lands Saturday: Imagine

Department of Play has made an alien vessel and is showing it off on Saturday, September 17th from 6:00pm to 8:30pm at DRC Carson Beach. 

 Over the summer, Story Ship, a storytelling vessel-turned-recording studio, travelled to different locations in Andrew Square collecting residents’ cherished memories. Initial fuel for the ship came from Portal of Tomorrow, a collaboration with youth in Fields Corner that led to a one-day transformation of a parking lot into Fields Corner from a parallel universe. 

 Now filled with inspiration, Story Ship is bursting at the seams and ready to share its tales. On Saturday, Story Ship will transform into a gigantic inflatable cubic screen to showcase together on film the stories from Andrew Square and the visions from Fields Corner. 

 The film tells the story of city planning in an alternate reality where personal memories and wild imaginations are the points of departure for collective decision-making. Department of Play is a Boston-based collective that creates temporary play zones in public spaces for people to step out of the everyday and play out imagined worlds

 All are welcome to come and see the Story Ship, and join the Department of Play and the Andrew Square Civic Association and Viet Aid for a free evening of food, music and good vibes by the ocean!  Carson Beach is easily accessible from the JFK/UMass and Andrew Square red line stops.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Boston City Council Looks at Hubway, Speed Limits, Marijuana & More

City Council President Michelle Wu publishes notes from Boston City Council meetings. The Boston City Council considered these items and more at their September 14, 2016 meeting:

Appointments: Mayor Walsh made the following appointments:
  • Zoning Commission: Jane Cooper Brayton for a neighborhood representative seat until May 2019, subject to Council confirmation
  • Boston Industrial Development Finance Committee: Quoc Tran as a member of the Board of Directors until April 2020, subject to Council confirmation
  • Boston Fair Housing Commission: Egobudike Ezidi Jr. for a term expiring July 1, 2017 (does not require Council confirmation)
Hubway: The Council voted to pass an order authorizing the Boston Transportation Department to enter into a 10-year contract for the city’s Hubway program, following Councilor LaMattina’s recommendation as Chair of the Council’s Committee on Parks, Recreation and Transportation. Councilor LaMattina reported back from the hearing that this would be a regional program in partnership with neighboring municipalities. The program’s three goals: 1) Improving user happiness through availability of docks and bikes, 2) Growing the number of trips taken by increasing the number of members and casual users, and 3) Increasing equity of access and use, geographically and demographically. To date, no city funds have been spent on operations or equipment. A longer-term contract will allow greater incentive for sponsorship and neighborhood access. The Council must vote to approve any contract with a term longer than three years.

Speed Limits: Council Baker called for a hearing to discuss the recently passed state legislation, Act Modernizing Municipal Finance and Government, with respect to speed limits in Boston. In April, the Council unanimously passed a home rule petition to reduce the speed limit in densely populated areas from 30 to 20 mph and 15 mph in school zones, which the Mayor signed and forwarded on to the State House. The state law allows for cities and towns to lower the unposted speed limit to 25 mph and 20 mph respectively. The matter was sent to the Committee on City & Neighborhood Services and Veterans Affairs for a hearing.

Equity in Marijuana Dispensary Licensing: Councilor Pressley filed a hearing order to discuss strategies for ensuring equity in marijuana licensing. Should voters approve the ballot question to legalize adult use marijuana this November, regulatory authority will sit with a new Cannabis Commission at the state level. Councilor Pressley noted that the City of Oakland recently passed an ordinance promoting equity in access to opportunities for ownership of medical marijuana dispensaries, and Boston should encourage business ownership and hiring in underemployed populations, especially for communities of color and low-income communities that have been victims of the ‘War on Drugs.’ The matter was sent to the Committee on Jobs, Wages, and Workforce Development for a hearing. 

Council Business: Councillor Wu gave a quick update on the five Council administrative items that she has been working on as Council President
  1. City Council Chamber Accessibility: The Council is awaiting final numbers from a house doctor report examining the costs of lifting the Chamber floor, creating wheelchair-accessible seating in the audience, adding acoustic treatment so that all can hear the proceedings, updating the lights to energy-efficient LED bulbs, etc. The goal is to begin construction next summer.
  2. Website: The Council has been working with DOIT to be able to attach documents such as notes, background information, and presentations to calendar items so that residents can access proceedings online. The goal is to enable residents to follow Council business and give feedback before votes/meetings happen. 
  3. Events management procedures: As the Council hosts more off-site meetings in the neighborhoods, we need standardized procedures to secure venues, staffing, and coordination between Council offices and Central Staff to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  4. & 5. Details 
For complete notes on this meeting and prior Boston City Council meeting notes, visit MichelleForBoston.com or sign up to receive these notes automatically each week by email. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Power Station Redevelopment Opens Possibilities for South Boston

Redgate hosts second open house to discuss the re-development of the L Street Power Station in South Boston on:

September 14, 2016 at 6:30 pm
 Tynan School at 650  E. 4th Street.

In partnership with Hilco Global, which specializes in redeveloping industrial sites, Redgate purchased the 18 acre waterfront site of Exelon Corp.’s New Boston Generating Station this spring for $24.25 million, The site is located next to Boston Harbor's Reserved Channel at the corner of First and Summer Streets.  A mixed use development retaining historically significant elements is anticipated. 

The South Boston Arts Association (SBAA) is in active discussions with civic leaders as well as the new owners to specifically look at an Arts and Cultural Community Center on the first level. SBAA envisions a gallery, art workshops for children and seniors, a performance center for plays and concerts and a building which preserves history while shaping the future of South Boston. 

If you missed the summer Open House, share your ideas on Wednesday, September 14th. 

originally published 8.3.16

Friday, September 09, 2016

Lights, Camera, Acton On The Streets of Fort Point & Seaport

A Netflx original action thriller, WHEELMAN, will be shooting on the streets of Fort Point and Seaport on Monday, September 12, 2016 from 7 pm to 5 am. WHEELMAN is a film about a getaway driver for a bank robbery who realizes he has been double crossed and races to find out who betrayed him.

Fort Point Film Route
No streets will be closed during filming. Vehicular access will be allowed on all surrounding streets. However, there will be Intermittent Traffic Control (ITC) while the camera is rolling during the driving routes. Pedestrian Access will be allowed to and from buildings, restaurants, and bars  during filming. Filming will not impede garbage trucks, block any loading zones, valets, docks or parking garage access.
Seaport Film Route

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Back-2-School BBQ: Ketchup and relish the good times of summer

Everyone agrees that summer goes by way too fast, so why stop celebrating now! Join the Edgerley Family South Boston Boys & Girls Club this Friday night, September 9th, starting at 6:00 pm, at Coppersmith.   The Club name may have changed recently, but it remains the South Boston Boys & Girls Club standing proudly on the corner of “F” & West Sixth Streets, that has supported children and families for over 75 years.  Here are some details on the event:

·         Chef Jason Heard is serving up his Southern home cookin’:  BBQ pulled pork sliders with cole slaw, smoked BBQ wings, cheeseburgers sliders with house made pickles and sauce, fried macaroni and cheese bites, caprese mozzarella tomato and basil skewers and his famous street corn.  

·         Challenge your friends to a game of corn-hole or giant jenga on the top deck or test your strength and coordination on the mechanical bull.

·         DJ Kupah James will be spinning an array of music including some “old school” dance tunes from his perch above the “catwalk”.  

·          All guests will be eligible to win a fantastic door prize which includes:  four premier box seats to a Red Sox/Orioles game, parking and pre-dinner at Eastern Standard Kitchen.  

·         Tickets are $25.00 each and can be purchased online 

Coppersmith is located at 40 W. Third Street.  Free parking courtesy of the Channel Center Garage, 116 W First Street.  

Thursday, September 01, 2016

State Primary Thursday September 8th

The Massachusetts Primary is Thursday, September 8, 2016. Exercise your right to vote for your US Representative, State Senator, State Representative , Governor's Councillor, Sheriff and Register of Deeds. Fort Point polling location is the Condon School located at 200 D Street (behind the Labouré Center). The polls are open from 7 am - 8 pm. 

Take a sneak peak at what your sample ballot will look like. 

To verify that you are registered to vote, click here. October 19, 2016 is the last day to register for the November presidential election. Register online, by mail or in person.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Fort Point Channel Landmarks September 2016 Meeting


Thursday, 8 September 2016
5:30 PM
Boston City Hall – Piemonte Room (5th Floor)

After 5:30 pm, enter and exit City Hall at the Dock Square entrance on Congress Street
(across from Faneuil Hall).

Subject of the hearing will be applications for Certificates of Design Approval on the agenda below, review of architectural violations and such business as may come before the commission, in accordance with Ch. 772 of the Acts of 1975, as amended.


5:30 PM Previously presented 7/2016
25 & 44 Thomson PlaceApplicant: John Kiernan, Fort Point Channel Investors, LLC (Applicant)Proposed Work: Widen the sidewalk in two locations on Thomson Place and one location2 on Stillings Street.

5:45 PM Previously presented 7/2016 17.252 FPC 44 Thomson Place
Applicant: John Kiernan, Fort Point Channel Investors, LLC (Applicant)Proposed Work: Remove the parking lot and surrounding landscape from the lot adjacent to 44 Thomson Place, and create a plaza with pavers, lighting, built-in benches, moveable furniture, and green spaces.

6:00 PM

17.245 FPC 9 Channel Center Street

Applicant: Dan McGrath, Berkeley Investments, Inc.(Applicant)

Proposed Work: Install two light fixtures and a security camera adjacent to the entryway; install tenant signage on the left side and building signage on the right side of the entryway.

6:15 PM
16.1569 FPC 308 Congress Street
Applicant: Marisa Lava, Boston Children’s Museum (Applicant)
Proposed Work: Remove and replace the bronze anodized aluminum-clad plywood infill panels at eleven former window and loading bay openings fronting Sleeper Street.

6:30 PM Previously presented 4/2014
17.246 FPC 338 Congress Street
Andrew Wang, CBT Architects (Architect)
Proposed Work: Modify ground floor storefront infill to accommodate floodproofing requirements.

6:45 PM
17.143 FPC 313 Congress Street
Applicant: Haril Pandya, CBT Architects (Architect)
Proposed Work: Modify the location of the entryway infill and replace the pavers, ceiling paneling, and lighting; install metal halo-lit lettering “Three Thirteen” within the masonry archway; install light fixtures at the fourth floor cornice; paint all of the white windows, paneling and trim on the vertical bays black; install black applied aluminum muntins to create multi-lite configurations on all of the sashes at the Congress Street façade and the first three vertical bays at the secondary side façades.


David Berarducci, Susan Goganian, John Karoff, Michele Yeeles, Vacancy
Alternates: B.K. Boley, Thomas Rodde

Friday, August 26, 2016

Art For All

Street Pianos are returning to Boston. Sixty pianos painted by community groups and local artists including Fort Point's Claudia Ravaschiere will be placed in every Boston neighborhood and select Cambridge neighborhoods for all to play. 

The pianos hit the streets on September 23d immediately following the Play Me, I'm Yours Street Pianos Festival in Munich, Germany and will be here through October 10th. 

piano by Claudia Ravaschiere
Get you piano playing hands ready as you traverse the neighborhood. There will be pianos at the Boston Children's Museum, the Innovation and Design Center, Sully's at Castle Island and Seaport Green near District Hall where you will find Claudia Ravaschiere's piano.  To plan your music tour from Boston to Cambridge, visit Street Pianos: Play Me I'm YoursThe Celebrity Series of Boston first introduced Street Pianos Boston in 2013.