Monday, March 27, 2023

FPNA Spring Neighborhood Gathering Tuesday, March 28th

 You are invited to a spring

Fort Point Seaport Neighborhood Gathering

Tuesday, March 28, 2023 (correct date)
6 pm to 8 pm
District Hall or online

Our C-6 Community Officers

Findings From
Kelly Sherman
Waterfront Design Manager, Boston Harbor Now

Molly Griffin
 Community & Partnerships Coordinator, WS Development
Neighborhood Updates & Discussions
Massport-Cypher St. Polluted Soil Plans, Atlantic Wharf Public Spaces Proposed Reconfigurations  & More

Your Feedback Needed

March 31: Life Sciences Building Design Guidelines public comments are due. More information and submission details

April 7: Atlantic Wharf Chapter 91 Public Spaces public comments are due. 


Upcoming Happenings

Wednesday, March 22:  Boston Harbor Now’s Harbor Use Forum at 8:30 am featuring 310 Northern Ave.  When the BPDA completed the Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park Master Plan Update, they planned a new mix of uses where lab buildings would co-exist with and help support the working port. Come find out about their climate mitigation fund and more. 

Thursday, March 23: There is a movie filming in town. Parking restrictions start Wednesday on Medallion and Thursday on A, Binford and D Streets. The scoop.

Wednesday, March 29: Licensing Board Hearing at 10am regarding liquor licenses for Savr restaurant at 150 Seaport (St. Regis), Tuscan Kitchen (53 Northern Ave.) and Serafina (11 Fan Pier Blvd)

Wednesday, March 29: 330 C St Public Meeting at 6pm. The proposal consists of a new six-story 74-room hotel, with a ground-floor restaurant, situated on the corner of C Street and Cypher Street (behind the Convention Center).

Tuesday, April 4: City Council Hearing on Docket #0145 at 2pm to discuss the safety of light poles, bridges, and other public infrastructure in the City of Boston (including the bridges over Fort Point Channel). 

Wednesday, April 12: 232 A St Public Meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the proposed life sciences project and the potential impacts before the Proponent files their Project Notification Form ("PNF").

Thursday, April 13: Fort Point Channel Landmark District Commission meeting, agenda not posted yet.

originally published 03.22.23

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