Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Gillette To Sell Remaining Parcels in 100 Acres Master Plan

To Fort Point Neighborhood Association & Neighbors:

I am writing to share an update on our South Boston site. We’ve recently decided to sell an approximately 2.5-acre parcel of land in South Boston and are just beginning this real estate process now. 

Because you are our neighbors, we wanted to ensure that you heard this news from us first. This land, which is located along Binford street running from the Fort Point Channel to A Street, is part of the 100 Acres Master Plan, marking another step forward in bringing this important vision to life. This is an opportunity to strengthen the growing district, bringing new jobs to the community and the local economy. With this and other development in the neighborhood, we are excited about the potential ahead - transforming empty parking lots into commercial and residential buildings, jobs, new parks and community space and more, making our neighborhood even more dynamic and attractive in the future.

This decision is unrelated to the broader Massachusetts site assessment that we announced last Fall. As you might imagine, this assessment process has been slower-than-anticipated due to the pandemic and is still underway. We will be in touch as we have more updates to share on this front.

In the meantime, we look forward to continuing to see the exciting developments underway
that are making our neighborhood stronger and more vibrant every day.

Kara L. Buckley
Vice President of Global Grooming Communications & Community Affairs, P&G 

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