Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Gillette To Sell Parking Lot

P&G Gillette announced today the sale of Channelside Parking lot along the Channel and A Street from Garage Access Road to Binford Streets. Gillette is a signatory to Fort Point 100 Acres Master Plan. This 6.5 acre parcel plays a significant part in the overall development of Fort Point as a neighborhood. 

Gillette's Alan Sheard notified the Fort Point Neighborhood Association this morning. "We believe this will be an exciting development for the neighborhood.  Years ago, we worked with the City and several neighbors in the community to establish a vision for this particular parcel of land.  This vision brings the possibility of new commercial and residential buildings, new parks, compelling view corridors and more.  The sale of this land will help bring this vision to life. As you know, South Boston is where we design and manufacture some of the most cutting-edge shaving technology in the world.  We’ve been at this site for over a century, and it will continue to play a significant role for us in the future.   As you can imagine, our goal will be to find a strong buyer for the property that will help make our neighborhood even more vibrant and attractive in the future."

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