Thursday, October 25, 2018

GE Innovation Point October 2018 Construction Update

In case you missed it, there is a lot going this October at GE's Innovation Point from advancements to the Harborwalk to the Fort Point Pier (GE public dock) to the historic NECCO buildings.

·         The first phase of the Harborwalk construction will complete this month with pedestrian traffic relocated onto the permanent sidewalk in the phase 1 area.  The sidewalk has been placed, and the loam is in place waiting for the plants to arrive and for the final transitions to the existing parking lot and bollards to be placed.   

·         The balance of the Harborwalk reconstruction, Phase 2, from the trailers to Necco Ct. began and will continue through the end of 2018.  The existing dock has been revised to meet the new sidewalk elevation and excavation is underway to grade the site for the new sidewalk.  Light foundations and foundations for the new overlooks will be constructed, followed by framing and deck construction.  The temporary walkway for that phase is in use.  Temporary access to the dock is also maintained daily.  Landscaping and certain plantings will be completed in the early spring of 2019 to meet planting season requirements of the plants. 

·         Structural steel for the glass enclosure connecting the two buildings has been erected.  Preparations are underway to place the concrete slab on the steel deck for the 2nd through 5th floors of the glass enclosure.

·         Structural steel work to construct the mezzanine level inside of the east building will commence this month. 

·         The masonry walls at the 5th floor of the west building are being modified to receive the new structural steel for the 6th floor and roof.  A temporary roof membrane has been placed on the 5th floor concrete slab to keep the balance of the building dry while the new roof structure is constructed.  Erection of the 6th floor steel and new roof steel has commenced with work on the columns to support the deck underway.

·         All concrete slabs in the west building have been placed.   The timber beams, girders and deck have been restored on all floors in the west building.  Rough-in of interior walls and completion of interior masonry restoration is underway.

·         The 1st floor deck slab was placed in the east building.  The old first floor has been removed and the column encasement is complete with preparations underway of the existing exterior masonry walls to receive the structural steel supporting the mezzanine level.

·         The placement of timber beams, girders and deck around the passenger elevator and freight elevator in the east building is continuing, tying the building masonry exterior back to the core in preparation for structural slabs to be placed on each floor of the east building.   The steel bracing for the exterior walls is in place and demolition of the existing masonry stair tower and old freight elevator shaft is underway and will continue for the rest of the month.

·         Initial electrical, mechanical and plumbing rough-in is nearly complete in the crawlspace of the west building and is underway in the crawlspace of the east building.  Construction of new ductwork and piping risers continues in the cores of both the west and east buildings. 

·         The pile cap for the new column to support the bridge across Necco Ct is complete and is protected by a temporary plywood enclosure.  Fabrication of materials for the bridge reconstruction is underway.

·         Cutting and repointing of the exterior masonry fa├žades continues on both buildings.  Repair and replacement of damaged brick is performed as part of the restoration process.  Mast climbers will continue to be moved around the building as the masonry restoration progresses.  Cutting and repointing of masonry will continue for a couple months.  Washing of the facades will be performed once the masonry restoration is completed after mortar has cured for the required duration.

·         The construction of the new large openings in the south and west faces of the first floor of the west building continues.   Once the opening is made, steel framing is placed supporting the existing masonry wall and then the masonry is reconstructed around the steel frame.  The work on the large openings will continue for a couple months. 

·         The preparation of existing window openings in both buildings is underway to restore masonry and provide the blocking necessary to receive the new windows.  Waterproofing and caulking is being placed in the masonry openings to prepare them to receive the windows.  Windows have been delivered to a nearby location off-site and are being staged for installation.

·         The crane is supporting the erection of the structural steel for the roof and the new 6th floor on the west building.  The crane also continues to support placement of timber beams and girders, demolition of the stair and elevator shaft and placement of the mechanical and plumbing risers.  The crane will remain on site through most of the 2018 construction season.

·         Waterproofing on the west side of the west building will be completed shortly and allow for construction of the balance of the transformer yard.  Once the remaining transformer yard retaining walls are completed the final transformer will be placed by Eversource to provide permanent power to the buildings.  In preparation for that, work on the main electrical room inside the building is underway.  GE and its contractors will continue to coordinate the work in Necco Ct. with Synergy.   

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