Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Giving Time To Your Neighborhood Starts With Giving Tuesday

On Giving Tuesday, FPNA is asking neighbors to give their time to their neighborhood. In particular, FPNA is looking for resident Building Ambassadors and for residents to join the inaugural Fort Point Planning and Development Committee. 

Did you know that there are 19 residential buildings in Fort Point?
FPNA is looking for Building Ambassadors to act as conduit of neighborhood communication between FPNA and your fellow residents. Be the first to know and help spread the word to your neighbors. FPNA sends on average 12 emails annually with neighborhood news and invitations to our monthly neighborhood gatherings. Become your residential building's Ambassador today.

If you missed last week's FPNA's November Gathering, you may not be aware that over 80 acres are coming up for planning and development. It is an exciting time in our neighborhood's growth with Gillette, BCEC and Pappas Way offering potential opportunities for housing, parks, civic spaces, safer streets and neighborhood retail. With a combination of private and state landowners, the time is now to start to engage, coordinate, collaborate with other neighborhoods and listen to advocacy experts to create the best outcomes for Fort Point. If neighborhood growth is important to you, please join FPNA's Planning and Development Committee.

If you haven't already, FPNA invites you to become a member or to renew your membership. An individual membership is $35 and a family membership is $50. You can pay by check or via venmo@FPNA-Boston. Please join FPNA today!

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