Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Traffic Advisory: Seaport Blvd Westbound Lane Closure, Seaport Lane to B Street

Please be advised that that from Thursday, May 4th to Thursday, May 18th the westbound lanes of Seaport Boulevard from Seaport Lane to B Street will be closed for full roadway reconstruction.  

Detour Routes:

From Northern Avenue East: At the D Street Intersection turn left to and continue to Congress Street. Continue on Congress street East until B Street.  Turn Right onto B Street and continue to Seaport Boulevard. Turn Left onto Seaport Boulevard.  

Seaport Hotel Traffic from Northern Avenue East: As normal, continue past detour signage at D Street intersection and turn left onto Seaport Lane.  

Timing: The westbound lanes will be closed at all times between May 4-May 18. 

Purpose: The roadway is being reconstructed as part of the Commonwealth Pier Revitalization Project to provide revised drainage and to reconstruct the center median.  

The Roadway reconstruction includes the following scope of work: 

Establishing work safety zone consisting of traffic barriers, gates, and construction fencing

Full depth removal of the existing roadway system using excavators with material being trucked offsite  

Raising roadway elevation up to 18 inches across the entire Westbound lanes via new subgrade materials delivered by truck 

Grading, preparing, and compacting the subgrade materials in preparation for binder course paving

Adjusting approximately twenty manholes, castings, and other utility structures

Installation of binder course asphalt paving

Delivery and installation of approximately 1,600 linear feet of granite curbing to create new roadway median

Binder course asphalt infill at areas of curb installation

Installation of temporary roadway markings

A State Police Detail will be stationed at the intersection of Seaport Lane and Seaport Boulevard throughout the period of roadway reconstruction. 

Construction Related Concerns:  617-839-2201
Questions via email:  afagundes@tcco.co

originally published 04.28.23

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