Monday, May 15, 2023

Public Summer Safety Meeting This Wednesday

 As the summer quickly approaches, the Mayor’s Office will begin a Community Listening Tour Series. The Community Listening Tour is an opportunity for community members to share their opinions and ideas on the City’s violence prevention, intervention, and recovery efforts that will be in place this summer, all while we build community connections among leaders, residents, and city agencies alike. South Boston's Listening Tour is:

Wednesday, May 17, 2023
6pm - 8pm
Condon School, 200 D St. (beyond the Laboure Center)

The goals of this Listening Tour will be to:

1. Begin engaging the community in the summer safety strategy planning process;
2. Have a guided and authentic dialogue about issues surrounding and solutions to community
3. Gauge the needs, wants, hopes of the community members that have been impacted by
community violence;
4. Continue to build relationships with and within the community

The conversations shall be free-flowing, but will be roughly guided by the following questions:
1. What is one thing you hope to get out of these meetings? One thing that you hope to come from these meetings?
2. When you think about violence in your communities, what do you think is needed most to reduce this violence?
3. What isn’t working in your communities? What is working in your communities?
4. What is your vision for your neighborhood? What does a safe and healthy community look like to you?
5. Are you connected to solutions in your community? How would you like to be in contact with the City?

The primary goal here is to allow community members to offer insight on what they feel works in terms of community violence reduction during the summer months, and to gain feedback on how the presented ideas can be best implemented in communities across Boston. Additionally, we will begin conversations about the more broad, public-health-oriented city-wide violence prevention plan to reduce all forms of community violence.

Please contact Isaac Yablo with any questions or concerns. 

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