Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fort Point Neighbors Raise Questions About The Boston Grand Prix

Fort Point neighbors came together at a recent Fort Point Neighborhood Association (FPNA) meeting to prepare questions for FPNA's upcoming neighborhood meeting with the Boston Grand Prix on January 26th from 6 pm - 8 pm at the Boston Children's Museum. The list of questions generated were provided to IndyCar Boston last week and are published below.  

The Fort Point community looks forward to informative, productive meeting covering all aspects of the event from construction to the race days through breakdown and restoration. This meeting is an important first step in understanding the impact and
necessary accommodations for those of us living and working in Fort Point. 

If you have not yet registered to meeting, please click here. Registration is required for admission. 

What is the status of agreements and permits following Letter of Intent (12/18/15)?

➢ State agencies and authorities (MBTA, Massport, MassDOT, & MCCA)
➢ Federal agencies (USPS)
➢ City of Boston
➢ What is the permit process timeline?

Will Fort Point residents, guest and clients be guaranteed 24/7 access to residential buildings, parking garages & on street residential parking?

➢ Garages: Stillings, Farnsworth, Necco, and Channel Center

➢ Streets

  • Summer Street from Melcher to Boston Wharf Road
  • Congress from Fort Point Channel to Boston Wharf Road
  • A Street from Congress to West Broadway
  • Sleeper St. from Congress to Seaport Blvd.
  • Farnsworth St./ Thompson Place /Stillings St./ Boston Wharf Road
  • Melcher St. from Summer to A Street
  • Wormwood, Binford, Medallion, Iron and Richards Streets

➢ Residential buildings:

  • 15 Channel Center: 89 units
  • 25 Channel Center: 76 units
  • 35 Channel Center: 44 units
  • 249 A Street: 45 units
  • 21 Wormwood: 117 units
  • 315 A Street: 202 units
  • 346 Congress: 89 units
  • 381 Congress: 44 units
  • 300 Summer St: 47 units
  • 319 A Street: 48 units (opening July 2016)
  • 326 A Street: 9 units
  • 355 Congress St: 2 units
  • 49 Melcher: 21 units
  • 63 Melcher: 38 units
  • 15-33 Sleeper St: 88 units

Noise Levels
➢ What is the maximum noise level during practices and races?
➢ What is the noise level from spectators, vendors and special events (i.e. concerts)?
➢ What noise safety precautions will be employed?

Construction and Breakdown Period and Schedule
➢ What is duration from start to finish?
➢ Will there be night and weekend work?
➢ What are the hours & days?
➢ Where is the lay down or marshalling area(s)?
➢ Who do we contact in case of problems, especially after hours?

Road Closures & Schedule (from construction to breakdown)
➢ What are the specific roads/intersections and closure duration (hours/days)?
➢ Will road closures limit access to public and residential parking?
➢ Will there be access to Interstate 90 & 93 on/off ramps on Congress Street?
➢ Will there be access to the Ted Williams tunnel to Logan Airport?
➢ Will there be emergency access and a clear evacuation route?
➢ What will be the truck alternate routes from the South Boston Bypass Road/Haul Road, including trucks from the Marine Industrial Park, Gillette, and USPS?
➢ Will there be interruptions to the Silver Line route & schedule? If so, what times & days?
What will be the impact on traffic on already busy streets like Congress & A Streets?
➢ What days/hours will access be restricted to South Boston Bypass Rd, West Service Rd. and Congress from W. Service into the Seaport?

Street Conditions & Use

➢ Given the poor condition of Cypher St, what upgrades are required to make it safe to include in the race course?
➢ What upgrades are required to make the other course roads safe for auto racing?

Location Placement
Please provide race course map displaying neighborhood streets and residential buildings in proximity to race course, grandstand viewing areas, television camera platforms, television and media production locations, safety runoffs,crew pits, etc. for presentation and as handouts for distribution.
➢ Has the race course changed since September 22, 2015?
➢ Where are the public access points/gates/grandstands/hospitality suites etc…?
➢ Where will the broadcast/media and related parking be located?
➢ Where are the grandstands, hospitality suites, sanitary facilities going to be set up?
➢ Will the Gillette & USPS parking lots along A Street be used for parking, spectator hospitality/ Fan Fest Tents, pre-event construction, sanitary facilities, etc…?

➢ What are the height and length of each grandstand?
➢ What is the volume (number of seats) for each grandstand and total number of seats?
➢ What other spectator viewing areas are planned?

Runoffs and Crew Pits
➢ What materials will be used to create runoffs?
➢ What is the placement of the crew pits and runoffs?
➢ What is the length of the crew pits and runoffs?
➢ What elevation changes are needed to create pits given current conditions?
➢ Will there be road closures to accommodate the construction of the runoffs and crew pits? If so, what is the duration?

➢ How tall are the jersey barriers and safety fencing?
➢ Will there be unrestricted access to sidewalks?
➢ Will there be unrestricted access to bike lanes?
➢ Will there be restrictions to walk & bike ability in and around Fort Point?

What is the Trash removal plan and schedule for ?
➢ Event areas
➢ Gillette & USPS parking lots (if used)
➢ Grandstand areas, etc…

Security / Public Safety/ Crowd Control
➢ What is the Terrorism Prevention & Emergency Management Plan?
➢ How will you restrict the public from entering residential buildings adjacent to track and viewing areas?
➢ What about the protection of green spaces, landscapes, buildings and cars?
➢ What is the plan?
➢ Who is paying for additional local and state law enforcement?

Insurance: If the public gets hurt or there is building damage on/to a commercial or residential property adjacent to track or viewing area, will the Boston Grand Prix's liability insurance cover it?

Local Community Benefits: What are the benefits to Fort Point South Boston community?

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