Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New England International Auto Show Is Back At The BCEC

The New England International Auto Show  is a five day event (Jan 14 - 18) that is expected to draw thousands of attendees from the Greater Boston region and elsewhere in Massachusetts. The Boston RV & Camping Expo  is a three day event happening at the same time as the last three days (the weekend days) of the New England International Auto Show. Attendees for both events are expected to come by personal vehicle, taxi, or public transportation to come to the event. As in years past, these two are expected to be very busy drive-in events with several hours of steady traffic coming into the BCEC in the early morning of each weekend day.

This event will require the use of overflow parking. The plan for Overflow Parking is as follows:

- Channel Center Garage is the primary overflow location
- Necco Street Garage and the Channelside Open Air Lot will be the secondary overflow locations
- EDIC Garage at BMIP will be the tertiary location
Attendees directed to overflow will be given maps and directions to the respective overflow location.

The New England International Auto Show involves a number of automobile test runs on MCCA roadways and possibly on surrounding roadways as well. The MCCA Transportation Department will do the following to mitigate traffic around the BCEC and in the general region:

Transportation agents will be on site to make sure shuttle buses, taxis, and test cars do not impede other traffic on the driveways or stop at locations that will cause safety concerns for the passengers and/ or other motorists.
The MCCA will continue to promote public transportation to attendees of this event by advertising on the BCEC plasma screens and distributing MBTA maps at the Information Booth

Use portable variable message signs (PVMS) to guide attendees quickly off the street and into BCEC parking lot. PVMS signs will be various locations including Summer Street @ D Street facing Downtown and A Street @ Necco Street facing South.

Boston Transportation Department Staff and Boston Police will be on hand to facilitate traffic.

Other BCEC Events
The MLK Breakfast is scheduled to take place during the morning of Monday, January 18, the last day of the New England International Auto Show and the Boston RV & Camping Expo. As in past years, the MCCA Transportation Department will provide extra staff coverage and make sure that this small event does not significantly impact the two larger events. In past years, there were no issues involved.

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