Wednesday, February 25, 2015

BRA Call For Community Benefits Proposals

The Boston Redevelopment Authority releases a new community benefits application for the 371-401 D Street Development. The development approved the construction of two hotels with a combined 500 rooms and a 1,350 space parking garage. One of the negotiated agreements between the BRA, the Design Advisory Committee consisting of South Boston residents, and the developer was a community benefit payment of $630,000. The BRA has received that money and is preparing to release $400,000 for proposals from eligible non profit organizations in the South Boston community.
For this project, the BRA is piloting a new application process which if successful will be used as a tool for future community benefits distribution. The top priority of the new community benefits application is to add transparency and predictability to the process of allocating these type of funds.
Applications are due April 21, 2015
This is the latest policy change at the BRA to create more transparency. Additional improvements were recently announced in the BRA's 2014 year in review.
Contact: Kimberly Burson, Office of Jobs and Community Services

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