Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Boston City Council Looks at Flight Patterns & Olympics

Councillor-At-Large Michelle Wu provides notes from Boston City Council Meetings. Here are a couple of items from the February 4th meeting:

Logan Airport Flight Patterns: Councilor McCarthy & Councillor Michelle Wu called for a hearing on recent changes to flight patterns at Logan airport, where sending flights to runways 27, 33L, and 4L has increased the number of low-flying planes over residential neighborhoods. This has been particularly bothersome in Councilor McCarthy's district, and my office has also received complaints about frequent noise from low-flying plans in other neighborhoods across the city too, often early in the morning disturbing residents' sleep. The matter was referred to the Special Committee on Transportation, Public Infrastructure, Planning & Investment for a hearing.

Olympics Referendum: Councilor Zakim offered an order that would put four nonbinding public opinion advisory questions about the 2024 Olympics on the November 2015 ballot. The questions proposed include: 1) whether Boston should host the Olympics, 2) if the City should commit public money to support the Games, 3) if the City should make any financial guarantees to cover cost overruns for the Games, and 4) if City should use eminent domain to take private land for the Games. The questions would appear on the ballot if passed by a majority of the Council and signed by the Mayor. The matter was referred to the newly-created Special Committee on the 2024 Olympics for a hearing.

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