Monday, April 23, 2012

Boston Shines This Saturday

Always a fun event. Thanks to Cam for organizing again. She does a great job every year.

Boston Shines
Sat., 4/28
Starting at 10AM
Meet in Wormwood Park
Dear Neighbors,

We have our best "Shines" yet planned. It's an enjoyable way to meet your neighbors and do a little urban gardening. The neighborhood cleanup and planting is on Saturday, April 28th. There is a Friday planting event for local businesses and those who can't make the Saturday cleanup. If you would like to come on Friday, let me know so we can plan food and drinks.  Here's the link to "Shines" on our website:

This year we are doing an expanded vines and tree project-(with lots of interesting blooming vines and flowers) with options for local companies to adopt tree circles and vines panels. Jennifer Amadeo Holl has done a great job working with Southie trees, who have donated $200. for much-needed mulch.  Charles Joesph and neighborhood angel Danielle Pillion have spent a lot of time helping to organize the event this year and I extend my heartfelt thanks to them both.

Our killer party will be at Wormwood Park and set up is at 4:30. Food and refreshing beverages will be donated by local restaurants and shops as usual. We are meeting in Wormwood Park (not Binford) at 10 AM. Sagarino's has offered a free drink (coffee or a cold drink) and a muffin. Just say you are doing Shines. Do NOT ask for the free items unless you are :-) Maybe we'll have a secret hand signal. Barington's is also providing coffee for those on the other side of the neighborhood. 

A Street will be unrecognizable on Monday! (Seriously).
Cam Sawzin

P.S. there is a smart phone app called citizens connect which is an extremely effective way to snap a picture of an issue-trash, etc and report it to the city. I tried it on the A Street fence and two days later it was cleaned. 

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