Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sat., Bob Raymond Memorial Exhibition at Midway

at Studio Soto 
10 Channel Center St., Boston
Saturday, April 21, 2012

2 - 5pm: memorial gathering
5 - 7pm: opening reception for  
"this moment: missives from another world and other works"  
of Bob Raymond

The Mobius Artists Group invites our friends, supporters, and the Boston and international arts communities to a memorial gathering and exhibition opening in honor of the late Bob Raymond, who passed away in late February of this year.  

The memorial gathering will be from 2-5 pm with homemade food and refreshments, acknowledging Bob's belief that sharing food in this way brought people together.  Family members and colleagues will speak about Bob, and we invite others to also share their memories of him.  At 5 pm, the event will segue with music performed by the Mobius Quartet (James Coleman, Derek Hoffend, Tom Plsek, Jed Speare) into the opening of the exhibition of some of Bob Raymond's photographs entitled; "this moment: missives from another world and other works."  
These events will take place at Studio Soto, located in the Fort Point area of Boston at 10 Channel Center Street.  

Bob Raymond was a photographer and intermedia artist who was a central part of the Mobius Artists Group and Mobius' evolution for nearly thirty years. Before his involvement with Mobius, he was Assistant Director of Boston Film and Video Foundation, an important resource and venue for film and video makers and time-based artists. At Mobius, he was known as the one who photographed thousands of artists who presented work at Mobius, as well as at other sites and venues involving Mobius Artists Group works. If you have been to Mobius or a Mobius-sponsored event in the past 30 years, you probably saw Bob seated in the front row, quietly capturing moments in performance that he was so instinctively and craftily skilled at and prepared for.

Opening at Studio Soto on the 21st at 5pm will be an exhibition, "this moment: missives from another world and other works," by Bob Raymond. The exhibition includes the images from the exhibition by that name from 2009, as well as additional prints made in the past year; images from Mobius' 1996 Macedonia exchange project, "Liquor Amnii," as well as photographs of some of his surviving partner and Mobius' founder, Marilyn Arsem's work.

This moment: missives from another world was originally exhibited at Studio Soto in the summer of 2009. Those photos are drawn from the over 15,000 35 millimeter slides and 10, 000 digital images he created as part of the Mobius archive. It was at that time that Bob Raymond began to work with and print some of his favorite images in a larger format. While their origin is in performance documentation, their outcome is the result of Raymond's insight into the work and his unyielding attention towards it.  In March 2011, he added additional prints to this body of work when he exhibited them in New York at the Fountain Art Fair. More recently, the newest prints were shown at Boston University as part of the performance art exhibition, 100 Years in January 2012.

Bob Raymond's work is a large part of a vast legacy and record of Mobius' leading role in Boston's experimental arts scene of the past thirty-five years. It will continue to grow in recognition and importance as it gains exposure. Exhibitions as well as the forthcoming transfer of Mobius' archive, that features the tens of thousands of Raymond's images, to 
Tufts University will ensure its preservation and future access. For now, join Mobius in honoring our beloved friend and colleague and view a portion of his voluminous, extraordinary work.

In lieu of flowers, contributions in his memory can be made to Mobius, Inc., 
55 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, MA 02139.    

For a look at Bob Raymond's website  
and this moment: missives from another world, go to:

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