Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Welcome to 2024: About The Neighborhood The First 11 Days

updated 1/16/2024 with 232 A St DEIR meeting presentation and MCCA Cypher St meeting presentation and recording.

2024 is off to a strong start with Squares  + Streets, development and road environmental impacts plus a call for volunteers. 

Is one of your 2024 resolutions to be more involved in your neighborhood?
FPNA is looking for a representative from each residential building to act as a Building Captain or Ambassador. Be in the know and share what's going on with your neighbors.
With over 80 acres of land open to development in the neighborhood, we are looking for interested residents to join our Planning and Development Committee.
You may indicate your interest in either area here. Together we can build a better neighborhood. 

Here is what you can expect over the first two weeks:

Jan 4th: Square + Streets Community Office Hours from 12:30pm to 1:30pm and from 6pm to 7pm

Jan 9th: Mayor Michelle Wu's State of the City live streamed at Boston.gov or on Youtube at 7pm.

Jan 10th: Zoning Commission Hearing from 9am to 11am.  Agenda includes a zoning text amendment, which would amend Section 80B-2.5, Waiver of Large Project Review Requirements for Certain Projects to Preserve or Create Affordable Housing, of the Boston Zoning Code, in connection with the Mayor's Executive Order to streamline approval of Affordable Housing.

Jan 10th: 232 A Street Community Meeting to discuss the MEPA pre-DEIR (Draft Environmental Impact Report) filing and post ENF filing updates from 5pm-6pm. View presentation. For more meeting details, check out the 232 A Street project website.

Jan 10th: Squares + Streets Citywide Draft Zoning Amendment Update Public Meeting at 6pm to 7:30pm to provide an update on the draft zoning text amendment that will create new Squares + Streets zoning districts to be adopted into the Boston Zoning Code

Jan 11th: MCCA Cypher St. Remediation Project Follow-Up Discussion from 6pm to 8pm at Crispr Therapeutics, 105 West 1st Street. View meeting presentation and meeting recording.

originally published 01.03.24

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