Friday, July 14, 2023

Waterfront Ground Floor Spaces Planning Public Meeting Monday

updated 07/14/23 with meeting presentation (see below).

The Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture is hosting a WATERFRONT FPA SPACE PLANNING STUDY PUBLIC MEETING on

Monday, July 10, 2023

This meeting will inform the public of the launch of the Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture (MOAC) Waterfront Civic/Cultural Space Planning Study and the incorporation of the Related Beal civic/cultural space request for information for 244 - 284 A Street Facilities of Public Accommodation (FPA) ground floor spaces into the larger space planning study. FPA spaces are licensed via MassDEP Chapter 91 licenses.  

For those who have participated in the BPDA's public RFP process for civic and cultural FPA operators (i.e. Grub Street), it is now going to be handled by MOAC.  

For those who will be going through or providing public feedback on future RPF operators for civic and cultural FPA spaces at Fan Pier Parcel H and 5 Necco, you may want to attend this meeting to discover how the planning study may define and shape those opportunities.

The meeting goals are to:

1. Update the broader community on the MOAC Waterfront Space Planning Study- Goals of the study, timeline, consultant

2. Share the integration of Related Beal process as a case study in Waterfront Space Planning Study

3. Inform the public about Chapter 91/FPA Spaces

originally published 7.7.23

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