Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Volunteer Opportunities In The Neighborhood


Calling All Seniors: from District Councilor Ed Flynn

With the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most affected populations has been our seniors, who are at high risk for severe illnesses or complications from the virus. As a result, many of our seniors are advised not to leave their homes, so they might not be able to access the services and resources they need, or feel increasingly isolated during this pandemic. 

During this time, it is critical that we reach out to our seniors. My team and I are planning to make calls to our seniors in District 2, and we are looking for volunteers to assist us with this important task. The calls will serve as a way of checking in with our neighbors to see what their needs are, and to make them feel supported. In a time of social isolation and physical distancing, a phone call may just be the assurance that they need to know that we are always here for them.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form here . 

Once the form is complete, our office will connect with you in the near future regarding contact information for seniors living in the neighborhoods of District 2. You will be provided a script that includes helpful information you may pass along to our seniors. I have cc'd here Vanessa Woo from my office who is coordinating this volunteer effort for our seniors.

Please feel free to share the form with anyone you know who may be interested. Every little step we take in reaching out to folks will go a long way in helping to combat COVID-19!

Thank you,

Ed Flynn
Boston City Councilor, District 2
Office: 617-635-3203

South Boston Neighborhood Aid Network

South Boston Neighborhood Aid Network is a group of community members working together to collect information and resources in one place, and help neighbors connect with each other to ask for and offer assistance.

To Get Help: 
Find neighbors who have volunteered to help, make a request and get information:
To Give Help:
Volunteer to help neighbors and find information and resources to share.

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