Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Parking Restrictions Update Due To Road Excavation Work

updated 04/16/19:  Effective Thursday April 18, 2019 there will be no weekday parking from 9:30 am through 3:30 pm on Melcher Street starting with the spots closest to A St. Look for orange cones before you park and anticipate that the cones will shift a little from day to day. 

Road excavation work to extend an intermediate gas main down A Street to Necco St via Melcher St is progressing.  A parking ban is in effect weekdays during the hours of 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. If you park on A Street or Melcher Street, avoid being towed by keeping an eye out for parking restrictions by block. 

Currently, road work is occurring on A St from Wormwood St toward Melcher St.  It is anticipated that the crew will turn onto Melcher St by the end of the next week (April 5). If you park on A St or Melcher St, check for cones denoting no parking tow zones.  If someone you know parks on Melcher St, please be neighborly and let them know. 

Expect delays at the intersection at A & Melcher due to the installation and underground utilities.  

originally published 03.28.19

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