Thursday, March 05, 2015

Electric Bill Too High? Resources From Greenovate Boston

Greenovate Boston offers Bostonians resources to reduce your electric bill, and climate change initiatives and news.

Are Competitive Electricity Suppliers Likely to Save Me Money?
With electricity prices 29-37% higher this winter than during the fall, Mayor Walsh is working with the utilities to provide relief. Due to the rate increase, many residents are thinking about whether a competitive electricity supplier is likely to save them money. To learn more about why rates have jumped and what to consider if you're thinking about switching power supplier,  read here...

Eversource and Renew Boston Energy Efficiency Kit Limited Time Offer: Bostonians can receive a home kit for $15—a retail value of $100! Order here...

Finalists Announced for Boston Living with Water Competition
Architects, urban planners, designers, climate change advocates, and policymakers got a unique glimpse into what a more resilient and sustainable Boston might look like in the face of sea level rise last week. While the 50 submitted proposals show an impressive range of potential climate change solutions, they all have one thing in common; they all embrace sea level rise as an opportunity to enhance, rather than detract from, Boston's built environment. In addition to the 9 jury-selected finalists, there were also People's Choice Award winners for each site category, as determined by online voting. Read here to learn more about the competition and its finalists

New Sustainable Development Projects in the Pipeline for Boston
Last week, the Boston Redevelopment Authority approved over $490 million in new development that will provide almost 800 housing units and create 770 construction jobs throughout Boston. Better yet, they add to the list of Boston's recent wins in green and sustainable development patterns. This innovative planning will certainly add to Boston's green efforts and put us one step closer to our climate goals. Read more...

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