Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bastille Kitchen Valet Parking Proposal Update

Bastille Kitchen and their valet parking agent, Pilgrim Parking, made a proposal to the Fort Point neighborhood regarding valet parking for the restaurant located at 49 Melcher Street. The proposal as stated by the Boston Transportation Department is:

  • Make two parking spots outside of Bastille Kitchen valet parking from the hours of 6 pm to 1 am. When these two spots are not being used for valet, they will be resident parking only as well.
  • The two spots that the valet takes will be replaced at two locations across the street (pictured below) with the same restrictions as the others.

The proposal was presented at the FPNA Neighborhood Meeting on September 30, 2014. At the meeting, neighbors voted in favor of a six month trial period of the above stated proposal; providing it is acceptable to the Boston Transportation Department (BTD). Per Eric Prentis, South Boston Coordinator at the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services, "With a six month trial period being something that the city would not entertain due to various reasons the decision was made to remove the proposal at this time." 

The public hearing that was scheduled for 10/17 is removed from the docket for more community process.

If Bastille [Kitchen] chooses to continue the community process and receives enough support to warrant scheduling another hearing, then one will take place. These hearings are held by BTD. No notices are mailed out, however, the FPNA will communicate with the neighborhood and post an update on the FortPointBoston blog if there is a new proposal to be presented and any subsequent hearing date. 

updated 10.14.14, originally posted 10.7.14

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