Monday, July 26, 2010

Small Business Spotlight: Floral Labs

One of things that makes Fort Point great is all of the neighborhood businesses.  We're going to start doing periodic posts highlighting some of them.  If you have a Fort Point business you'd like to be featured, please email us at: 

Floral Lab
326 A St., Unit 5b

Boston, MA 02210

Floral lab is a design studio that uses fresh and preserved flowers to create floral art for personal and business settings.  Carrie Chang founded the lab in 2007 with the intention to bring an artist's perspective to floral design: "Fine arts floral design is another kind of beauty that can both decorate a space and speak to the senses."

The preserved flowers are real flowers grown in Colombia and Ecuador where farmers use eco-friendly soil to produce these gorgeous blooms and re-use the stems will recycle to the field.   They are then preserved with a Japanese technique that keeps the flowers soft but brings out their vibrant colors.

Before doing floral design, Carrie was a professional graphic designer in Hong Kong and London for 15 years.  She holds a Master of Arts from Central Saint Martin College in London and Diploma in Floral Design from the Rittners School of Floral Design in Boston.

She is now experimenting with the floral scuplture on wood, wall and canvas frame, using both fresh and preserved flowers and other botanical materials; preserved flowers can last up to one year or longer under the proper way that floral lab care instructions.

Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the lab is open for Fort Point neighbors to stop by.  Email her for more information:

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