Saturday, March 13, 2010

Archon Scales Back 319 A St.

Fort Point Developers Downsize Project, Succumb To BRA’s Demands

The Archon Group and Goldman Properties have scaled back the size of their proposed Fort Point residential tower, bowing to pressure from the Boston Redevelopment Authority and neighborhood residents.

In backing off plans to plant a 240-foot tower at 319 A St. Rear in South Boston, Archon and Goldman are also pulling a significant community benefit - the donation of a Summer Street warehouse for artist live/work space.

The BRA told the developers Thursday that its proposed warehouse donation at 327 Summer St. did not constitute enough of an "exceptional" community benefit to warrant a building height 60 feet over the current 180-foot zoning limit. The BRA asked Archon and Goldman to either reduce the size of their proposed tower, or to significantly increase their benefits package.


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