Sunday, June 08, 2008

Herald Article on Stolen "Windows onto Fort Point" Pieces

’Window’ pain: Artists seek return of stolen pieces
By Eva Wolchover | Saturday, June 7, 2008 | |

Hub pols and artists living in South Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood are pleading for the return of ‘Window’ pain: Artists seek return of artwork featuring 25 windows hung along a fenceline.

The installation, titled “Windows onto Fort Point - the Artists Point of View,” was organized by the Fort Point Cultural Coalition and features various artists’ takes on the gentrification of the waterfront neighborhood.

“It’s unfortunate that that occured,” said Boston City Councilor Bill Linehan. “Those pieces of work are privately owned and publicly displayed for our enjoyment, so whoever has them should give them back.”

Three windows were taken late Saturday, but one was returned anonymously the following night, said project organizers. Boston police are investigating.

“What we’re hoping is that somebody thought they were beautiful and has them on their wall,” said Joanne Kaliontzis of the Fort Point Cultural Coalition. “We’d hate it if someone just maliciously took them away and destroyed them.”

Jacob Higginbottom, one of the artists whose work was stolen, said he was saddened by the theft and hopes that his piece - titled “Eyes of the Neighborhood” - also will be returned.

“It would be nice if the person who took it would return in anonymously, no questions aked,” he said.

All the purloined works are uninsured, said FPCC president Anita Lauricella, but some artists have received offers from potential buyers. Higginbottom said he typically sells his art for $800 to $2,200.

Lauricella said said the theft won’t stop the FPCC from planning future outdoor public art projects.

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