Thursday, April 17, 2008

Help Mulch Trees At Boston Shines

As part of Boston Shines, Jennifer Amadeo-Holl is looking for volunteers to help mulching trees:

Dear Fort Point Neighborhood,

I am coordinating a tree mulching of A-Street, as part of the Boston Shines Day on Saturday April 26, starting at 9am.

1. The A. Street trees are covered in sand. This is detrimental to their health as the sand heats up in summer, causing high soil temperatures and excess evaporation. It can also interfere with gas exchange & the conduction of water from the roots to the leaves, as the root collar (lower trunk) is part of the root system. So the sand layer needs to be dug out (requires shovels) and brushed off, if loose enough (requires strong brooms).
2. I will buy the the mulch (minimum 64 bags) and pay for the delivery, but I need a group of people to do the digging and mulching. Unfortunately I cannot at this time help with the physical labor.
3. There are 34 trees (including the 2 on Melcher St), and I imagine the sand is heavy & packed in after the last several winters, so the work may be a bit tiring, but ultimately very satisfying & visually rewarding! If we have a sizeable group it would mean several trees per person.
4. The City will provide shovels & brooms, and will street sweep later in the day, thereby removing the sand we push into A.Street.

A. Street in front of Channel Center.

REPLY TO VOLUNTEER: to ; include your cell phone if available:
Please let me know if you can help out, for whatever amount of time you can spare. Even if you have already replied to Cameron Sawzin indicating interest in Boston Shines, please also reply to me directly so I know who wants to work on the trees. If I cannot get a group of at 6-8 people, I don't think the project is feasible because of the number of trees. Therefore I would need to cancel the purchase & delivery of mulch in advance. Further, I need to let the city know how many shovels & brooms we'll require. Please send your cell phone #, so we can coordinate on Saturday.

Many thanks in advance,
Jennifer Amadeo-Holl
300 Summer Street

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