Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Achilles Seeking 2 AM Liquor License

FPNA has learned that Achilles, the new restaurant on Summer St., is seeking a modification to their liquor license to allow them to serve until 2 am. Since it opened, there have been issues with valets using resident spots and noise, and residents are concerned that the extended hours will cause more problems. Below is a letter written by Peter Agoos, who lives near Achilles that discusses some of the objections:

I’ve learned that Rebecca Donahue, on behalf of the Achilles Project at 281 Summer Street, has begun an effort to extend the closing hours and change the licensing restrictions granted to this establishment. As an abutter I want to be clear in my opposition to the proposed changes.

I attended the Licensing Board hearing on March 21, 2007. The Board, in response to the numerous objections – mine included – voiced by abutters and other neighborhood owners and residents to a 2 am closing and live entertainment license, asked the applicants to make revisions to their application. After the revisions were submitted, the Licensing Board approved a 12am liquor license; the ABCC approved the granting of the license on June 13.

It’s terrific to have a new restaurant in the neighborhood, but its success does not depend on overturning the very reasonable restrictions of the current licensing. Those restrictions, made at the suggestion of the Licensing Board itself, create a reasonable likelihood for co-existence of this new entity with its long-established residential neighbors. Growing pains are already evident: as recently as last Saturday the restaurant’s operation has caused disturbances after midnight – not for the first time – with patrons leaving and continuing their socializing until 1am directly under the bedroom windows of an abutter at 50 Melcher Street. (50 Melcher Street also shares a party wall with the restaurant, through which both noise and cooking odors are transmitted whenever the restaurant is open.)

Granting a closing time 2 hours later and allowing the restaurant to morph into a nightclub at the same time is guaranteed to create an incompatible use and a contentious battle. I urge you to oppose any change from the current licensing.


Peter Agoos
326 A Street
Boston, MA 02210

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