Tuesday, December 28, 2021

MassDOT Neighborhood Capital Transformation Year End Review

The Red Line Transformation (RLT) team recently completed the installation of the Red Line Test Track and Vehicle testing Facility. Additional upgrades to Red Line signals and to the Cabot Yard and Vehicle Maintenance Facility will continue into 2022 and will ultimately result in increased safety, reliability, and capacity for Red Line riders.

Red Line Test Track Project 100% Complete, Check out the video.

  • The new Red Line vehicle testing facility is now complete. The new facility is the final part of the Red Line Test Track project.
  • With the Red Line Test Track project complete, new Red Line vehicles can be delivered, tested, and commissioned more quickly and efficiently.

The Red Line Test Track project included three improvements:

  • Replacing freight tracks with Red Line-compatible tracks and a third rail
  • Installing a new mobile traction power substation with improved data connectivity
  • Constructing a new vehicle testing facility

The new test track was built next to Cabot Yard (near Broadway station), allowing easy access for vehicle deliveries.

The test track connects to the vehicle testing facility, where crews will commission the new Red Line vehicles built in Springfield, MA.

With these projects complete, the new vehicles will be tested in a dedicated space without interfering with regular maintenance or competing for access on the mainline with regular service.

Red Line Capital Investment Project Overview: The Red Line fleet will be entirely replaced with modern, more efficient, more spacious vehicles by 2024.

 Contract awarded: 2014
 Projected completion: 2024
 Budget: $1 billion (total value for Red Line and Orange Line new vehicles)
 Status: One new train added to the fleet; more in production

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