Friday, August 13, 2021

Gallery At 249A Opens Rule of Thirds This Saturday

The Gallery at 249 is hosting the opening reception of Rule of Thirds: An Experiment in Sequential Collaboration by Rocco Giuliano and Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano on:

Saturday August 14, 2021
5 - 7pm
249 A Street

The experiment: Visual artist and photographer Sylvia presents husband Rocco, a writer, with dozens of gritty urban street photos and asks him to write an haiku inspired by each one. This seems to Rocco like a bizarre idea, as an haiku is not usually associated with, say, a photo of Hoboken motorcycle cops. In fact, it seems downright perverse to force two radically different forms of expression to share a single sheet of photographic paper. 

But, having learned that resistance is futile, Rocco goes along with this experiment in sequential collaboration. It is our hope that the viewer, whom we presume to be a seeker of coherence if not truth, will, in conjuring meaning from the juxtaposition of image and verse, join our experiment as a third collaborator. 

The show runs through September 3rd. Private viewings may be arranged upon request. To visit the gallery by appointment: contact Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano via email or by calling 781-395-4036.

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