Friday, December 04, 2020

Netflix Filming "Don't Look Up". Do Move Your Car.

updated 11/27/20: Filming rescheduled to Saturday, December 5, 2020 with parking restrictions in effect December 4th, December 5th and December 7th. There will be no work occurring on Sunday. 

A new Netflix feature film titled DON'T LOOK UP (directed by Adam McKay and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence) is filming in the neighborhood. At Bastille Kitchen on Melcher Street to be exact. 

There will be parking restrictions in effect from Friday, December 4th, Saturday, December 5th and Monday, December 7th on Melcher Street, A Street and Summer Street to cover prep, shooting and the wrap. The filming will take place on December 1st.    


Filming Location: Bastille Kitchen at 49 Melcher St.

24 Hour Parking Restrictions for Prep, Film, Wrap (12/4, 12/5 and 12/7):

  • Melcher St - South side only (A Street to Necco St)
  • A Street- (Melcher St to Necco St)

24 Hour Parking Restrictions for Filming date Saturday, December 5:

  • Melcher St - North side (meters in front of Blue Dragon)
  • Melcher St - South side (Necco St to #27 Summer St)
  • Summer St- South side (#273 to #287 Summer St)
  • A Street - West side only (meters Binford St to Iron St)

Please Note: Netflix Productions is offering Displaced Resident Parking at the Necco St Garage at 10 Necco St for any Fort Point resident that has a valid South Boston Resident Sticker. Please email with your name and contact information and they will get back to you. 

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns (deliveries, construction, etc.) please feel free to email or call  781-269-1573 (leaving your name and contact info). 

On behalf of the crew we would like to thank you for your consideration as we look forward to filming in your neighborhood.- The “Don’t Look Up” Locations Dept. 

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