Monday, May 20, 2019

What Is Next In Coastal Resilience?

In October 2018, the City released the South Boston Coastal Resilience Solutions (Climate Ready) report and the Mayor announced the Resilient Boston Harbor Plan covering Charlestown, East Boston, North End Downtown, South Boston Fort Point and Dorchester. 

Now that there are plans, reports and design recommendations, what are the next steps? One next step is the formulation of a Flood Resiliency Zoning Overlay District and Resiliency Guidelines, which will build upon Climate Ready Boston recommendations. 

The BPDA invites you to an open house addressing the City’s efforts to promote buildings that are better adapted to coastal flooding and sea level rise. This is an opportunity to learn about the development of flood resilient building guidelines and resiliency zoning, talk to experts, and provide input.

Flood Resiliency Zoning Overlay District and Resiliency Guidelines
Open House
Wednesday,May 22, 2019
6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Condon Community Center
200 D Street

The Flood Resiliency Zoning Overlay District and Resiliency Guidelines project establishes a new flood resilience overlay district in critical locations and requires that new construction anticipates the future creation of flood protection infrastructure. The project will revise the zoning code to incorporate the extents and heights of future flooding, ensure regulations on the use, height, and massing of new construction and retrofits buildings to promote climate readiness, and encourage a quality streetscape and building that is pedestrian-friendly, elevated, and floodproofed. The accompanying design guidelines will assist residents and businesses in being better informed of climate hazards and measures they can implement to reduce risks associated with changing climate conditions. 

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