Wednesday, February 13, 2019

GE Innovation Point February 2019 Construction Update

GE Innovation Point is transforming as reconstruction continues along the Harborwalk as the weather permits, windows continue to be installed, lots of steel, roof work and expect to see the metal skin of the green pedestrian bridge removed along with other structural improvements. 

·         Pedestrian traffic has been relocated onto the first phase of the Harborwalk sidewalk.  The balance of the Harborwalk reconstruction, Phase 2, from the trailers to Necco Ct. is continuing as weather permits.  Overlook deck framing is complete, deck construction will continue as weather permits.  The Phase 2 harborwalk concrete sidewalk will be placed as weather conditions permit.  Temporary access to the dock is maintained daily.  Landscaping and certain plantings will be completed in the early spring of 2019 to meet planting season requirements. 

·         Temporary heating units have been installed and are providing heat through temporary ducts from both the west face and the east face of the buildings.  These units will remain in operation throughout the winter months.  Certain portions of the building are being wrapped or tented to allow masonry, concrete, and other construction to continue.  The openings in the building are being closed up on a permanent basis as work progresses.

·         Structural steel erection for the west building high roof, mechanical screen supports and 6th floor is complete.  Concrete has been placed on the 6th floor.  The concrete high roof deck slab will be placed on the west building during February, after which placement of the permanent roofing will commence.

·         Structural steel erection for the east building will complete in February.  The east building steel has been tied into the glass enclosure structure between the buildings.  The low roof steel and deck are in place, the high roof steel structure and mechanical screen supports above the low roof are being erected.   With completion of the low roof the new concrete block stair shaft masonry work in the northwest corner of the building is underway and will complete this month.  The northwest corner of the concrete decks on the 2nd through 5th floors of the east building are being prepared for concrete now that the stair shaft is above the low roof.   Preparations for placement of the low roof concrete deck are underway and will complete this month.  The placement of permanent roofing on the east building will commence once the concrete decks are placed. 

·         The crane continues to support the erection of the structural steel.  The current crawler crane will be removed from the site mid-February.  Mobile cranes will be used as additional equipment and materials need to be hoisted into the building.

·         Cutting and repointing of the exterior masonry fa├žades is one of the activities that is temperature sensitive.   Cutting and repointing is continuing in the area that has been tented and heated between the buildings.  Washing of the masonry facades has been postponed until temperatures permit completion of this work. 

·         The construction of the new large openings in the south and west faces of the first floor of the west building and on the south face of the east building continues.   Once the opening is made, steel framing is placed supporting the existing masonry wall, then the masonry is reconstructed around the steel frame.  The work on the large openings will continue. 

·         Window installation is continuing in both buildings.  Caulking and sealing around the new windows as well as placement of window trim is in progress and will continue. 

·         Rough-in of interior walls and interior masonry restoration is underway in the west building.  Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection rough-in is continuing on the first 4 floors of the west building.  This will expand onto the 5th floor once the permanent roof is in place.  Rough in of the ductwork and piping risers in the west building core is complete.

·         Rough-in of interior walls and interior masonry restoration is underway in the east building.  The mezzanine level partitions are constructed with building infrastructure installation underway.  Electrical, mechanical and plumbing rough-in is continuing in the first 3 floors of the east building.  Rough in of the ductwork and piping risers is nearing completion in the core of the east building.  The passenger and freight elevator installation will begin in late February.

·         The new column for the Necco Ct. bridge has been placed.  The base of the column will be encased in concrete to protect it from vehicles.   Scaffolding erection on both sides of the Necco Ct. bridge to the full height of the bridge is underway and will complete in mid-February.   Removal of the existing metal panel skin will be performed first with structural improvements to the bridge steel following the removal.  Fabrication of structural steel, curtainwall and metal panels for the bridge reconstruction is underway.  Abatement of lead-based paint from structural members inside the bridge will continue in order to prepare the surfaces for welding.  GE and its contractors will continue to coordinate the work in Necco Ct. with Synergy. 

·         The final transformer has been placed in the transformer yard by Eversource.  The main electrical gear has been placed inside the main electrical room inside the building and is being prepared to receive permanent power.  Once all electrical gear testing and inspections are complete, Eversource will energize the permanent power to the building. 

·         National Grid will provide a permanent gas service connection to the buildings from Necco St.  This will require trenching in Necco St.  Tie-in is currently forecast to be performed this Spring pending final schedule from National Grid.

GE Innovation Point Construction updates occur about monthly in frequency or when there are major transitions in the construction process. Visit GE Reports to sign up for updates and to find the latest information or contact GE at

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