Monday, January 14, 2019

A Conversation in Civic Innovation: Libraries as Drivers of Civic Engagement

What is missing in the neighborhood? An anchor civic building or in other words, a library. 

Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center New England is hosting a Conversation in Civic Innovation: Libraries as Drivers of Civic Engagement on Wednesday, January 16th at District Hall, thought to be a prime future location for a local library by many in the neighborhood. 

The evening event (5:30 pm - 7:30 pm) will be moderated by Kim Lucas, City of Boston Department of Information Technology. The panelists are: David Leonard, Boston Public Library; Dan Cohen, Northeastern Library; Chris Colbert, Harvard Innovation Labs and Elizabeth Soeiro, Cambridgeport School librarian.

The discussion will address libraries as drivers of civic engagement in the following areas:
  • The role of space and place;
  • The role of data and technology;
  • The shift of offerings;
  • The role of libraries in maintaining equitable access to key resources.

For more details and to be part of this important conversation, register for this free event.

originally published 01.08.19

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