Friday, July 06, 2018

GE To Begin Construction On Harborwalk

 GE Innovation Point Construction Update – July 2018

·         Harborwalk construction is scheduled to begin on July 9.  The Harborwalk will be reconstructed in phases.  The first phase will be the southern extent from the construction trailers to the bend in the Harborwalk.  To construct the first phase, the Harborwalk will be temporarily rerouted over the Gillette parking lot.  The temporary route will be set up the week of July 2.  Construction of the first phase will be completed by early September.  The balance of the Harborwalk reconstruction, Phase 2, from the trailers to Necco Ct will be constructed from mid-September through the end of 2018.  Landscaping and certain plantings will be completed in the early spring of 2019 to meet planting season requirements of the plants. 

·         The first-floor concrete deck in the west building has been placed.   The slab for the lobby area between the buildings within the future glass enclosure will be placed in July.  Preparations are underway for the slab on grade in the east building and for the concrete deck on the fifth floor of the west building to be placed during July.   

·         The wood beams, girders and timber deck has been restored through the fifth floor of the west building, tying the existing floors back into the concrete core.  The original stairs in the NW corner of the building is being demolished floor by floor and replaced with beams and timber decking to close up the opening from the stairs.  Demolition and placement of beams and decking will be completed in July.

·         Welding of clips and support angles on the east core required to support the beams and timber decking is underway.  Placement of beams, girders and timber decking in the east building, tying the building back to the core, will be commence in July.

·         Construction of the masonry walls of the freight elevator in the east building is underway and will complete in the month of June.  Masonry walls in the core of the west building are also underway and will continue through July.

·         Building electrical, mechanical and plumbing coordination is nearing completion.  Sleeves through the concrete are placed as concrete areas are formed.  Initial electrical, mechanical and plumbing rough-in has begun.  Construction of new ductwork and piping risers will begin in the concrete core of the west building this month.

·         The pile cap for the new bridge column across Necco Ct is complete and is protected by a temporary plywood enclosure.  Planning for the bridge reconstruction is continuing.

·         Brick masonry restoration mock-ups continue.  Cutting and repointing of the masonry façade is underway on the east building on the east and north facades as well as on the north façade of the west building.  Mast climbers are in use on the north façade and will continue to be moved around the building as masonry restoration progresses.   Cutting and repointing of masonry will continue for several months.  Washing of the facades will be performed once the masonry restoration is completed on each façade.

·         Masonry openings for the new windows on the 4th and 5th floors on the south side of the east building have been cut in, the masonry jambs, header and sill will be completed when masonry restoration moves to the south façade of the east building.  The preparation of existing window openings is underway to restore masonry and provide the blocking necessary to receive the new windows.  Masonry repairs will continue on the interior walls on several floors of the east building as well.

·         The crane continues to support the movement of concrete forms and placement of reinforcing as well as placement of timber beams and girders.  The crane will remain on site through most of the 2018 construction season.

·         The ductbank from the telephone manhole on Necco St. into the building will be installed this month.  GE will continue to work closely with the owners of Necco Ct. and Necco St. to maintain access during completion of this work.

·         Electrical ductbank installation at the west end of Necco Ct. will be completed in sequence with Eversource work to replace the transformers.  A new switch and transformer have been set by Eversource above elevation 19.5 in the newly constructed transformer yard.  Primary cable will be pulled this month from the Eversource manhole in Necco Ct into the switch and transformer by Eversource crews.   Once the new transformer and switch are energized by Eversource, the Synergy building will be placed on the new service.  GE is working closely with Synergy and Eversource to coordinate the changes to electrical service.  

These updates occur about monthly in frequency or when there are major transitions in the construction process. Visit for the latest information or contact GE at  

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