Monday, April 30, 2018

Fan Pier Civic/Cultural Space Open For Bid

Come hear finalists Boston Center of the Arts, Cross Cultural Collective, Grubstrret, and Medicine Wheel 4/30/18 5:30 pm - 7 pm at District Hall. 

Updated 2/9/18: Last week's proposal submissions for the civic/cultural space at 50 Liberty on Fan Pier came in heavily in favor of the arts. The eight organizations who submitted are: Boston Center for the Arts, Cross Cultural Collective (C3), GrubStreet, HUBWeek, Kadence Arts, Massachusetts Fallen Heroes, Medicine Wheel Productions and the South Boston Arts Association.  Source: Boston Herald's Donna Goodison 8 Groups vie for prime space in the Seaport.  

Updated 1/10/18: Site visit pre- RFI meeting is scheduled for Jan. 18th from 3pm to 4pm at 50 Liberty Dr. The site is under construction and attendees are advised to dress accordingly. Visitors will be asked to sign waivers prior to entry.  

On January 2, 2018 Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) released a Request For Interest (RFI) in the lease of civic/cultural space at 50 Liberty on the Fan Pier.

The RFI is part of the City of Boston’s long-standing planning objectives for the South Boston Waterfront District, which include a broad mix of uses tied together with an inviting pedestrian scale with continuous public access along the waterfront on the Harborwalk. The mix of uses necessary for a vibrant district include residential, commercial, hotel, retail, open space, and civic and cultural uses. The need for a strong civic and cultural presence in the district was underscored through the approval of the South Boston Waterfront District Municipal Harbor Plan, which calls for 127,000 SF of new civic/cultural uses to balance the scale of new private development on the filled tidelands of the neighborhood. Existing civic and cultural destinations in the area include Boston Children’s Museum, Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum, the Institute of Contemporary Art (“ICA”) Boston Community Boating (“BCB”), Midway Studios, Fort Point Artists Community, the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC); and the Society of Arts & Crafts.

50 Liberty is the seventh building to be constructed by the Fallon Company as part of the Fan Pier project, an approximately three million square foot mixed-use development on the South Boston Waterfront.

The 50 Liberty Civic/Cultural Space consists of 5,000 square feet of gross floor area on the southeast corner of the first floor of 50 Liberty, and the balance of 8,166 square feet of gross floor area is on the second floor of 50 Liberty.

The Developer/Landlord, in conjunction with the BPDA, is seeking letters of interest from Boston-based qualified civic and cultural operators to lease the 50 Liberty Civic/Cultural Space. The Landlord will lease the 50 Liberty Civic/Cultural Space to the selected user for an annual triple net rent of $1.00. The selected user will be responsible for the maintenance of the space, all of their insurance, and a pro rata share of operating expenses for 50 Liberty allocated to the space. It is currently estimated that such monthly operating expenses will be less than $0.40 per square foot in the first year of operation of the Condominium. The selected user will receive a $25 PSF-construction allowance (totaling $329,150) toward improvements to the warm, white space necessary or desirable for occupancy. Completion of 50 Liberty is expected in the first quarter of 2018 and occupancy expected upon execution of lease.

To download a copy of the request for information, please visit Boston Plans. According to the website there will be a pre-RFI meeting on January 18, 2018. The submission deadline is February 2nd at 5 pm to:

c/o The Fallon Company LLC
One Marina Park Drive, Suite 1400
Boston, Massachusetts 02210
Attention:  Myrna Putziger

Boston Planning & Development Agency
One City Hall Plaza, 9th Floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02201
Attention:  Richard McGuinness

originally published 1.3.18

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