Saturday, July 22, 2017

Congress St. Bridge Lighting Project Update

updated 07/13/17: Due to weather, the the installation of the pier lantern LED retrofit kit and bulb will be Monday, July 17th.

A different light may be shining from a lantern on the Congress St. Bridge this week. According to Erikk Hokenson, Waterfront Planner at Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA), the City's Public Works Department Street Lighting Division is retrofitting one of the pier lanterns on the Congress St. Bridge with an LED fixture and antique amber glow light bulb for the base. They expect to install it this Thursday night July 13, 2017 (weather permitting) on the pier lantern immediately to the east of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. The light will remain for ten days for those interested in taking a look at it.
The goal is to improve the pedestrian experience as specialized lighting will also added to the counterweight structure and to the the outer/waterside of the bridge on north and south. Please send comments to Erikk Hokenson at the BPDA.

In addition, Congress St. Bridge lighting project consultants, Hartranft Lighting Design and Jacobs, have conducted mini-tests utilizing various fixtures, colors, and temperatures at a variety of locations over the past months. A selection of photos and videos from these mini-tests are available via Dropbox. These are not necessarily the final fixtures, colors, temperatures, etc. that will be used, but samples. (As it relates to color, the BPDA stills expect to have the ability to program different colors at different times.)

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments or would like to receive updates, please contact Erikk Hokenson at the BPDA.

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originally published 7.12.17

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