Monday, March 13, 2017

The City & State Want To Hear From You

The City and State are asking for your input.

Today is the public comment deadline on 105 West 1st Street (RCN) re-development site. Although the deadline is today, the project manager said he would still be accepting comments. Send your comments to Michael Rooney, Project Manager, Boston Planning & Development Agency. More details.

In January, the state presented two Seaport heliport locations on DryDock 4: one at the end of the pier and the other on a barge off of the pier. The public as well as nearby businesses: Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Legal Seafoods and Yankee Lobster to name a few expressed concerns. To minimize impact on neighborhoods, current helicopter flight paths go over the Boston Harbor, Fort Point Channel and other waterways.  An increase in air traffic in close proximity to neighborhoods impacts noise and vibrations, air pollution, public safety concerns, future residents and activation of the watersheet i.e. Fort Point Channel.  Although General Electric backed away from the heliport due in part to Logan Airport's close proximity to Fort Point & Seaport, a Boston heliport is still in consideration by the Heliport Working Group, which is composed of State and City officials. Comments will be accepted until end of day Friday, March 17, 2017 and may be sent to and to your elected officials: Senator Linda Dorcena ForryRepresentative Nick CollinsCity Council President Michelle WuCouncilor Bill Linehan, and Councilor-At-Large Michael Flaherty. More details and related posts.

The next upcoming public comment deadline is March 27, 2017 for Seaport Square. More details

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