Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mayor Declares Snow Emergency & School Closing

updated 3/14/17: Snow emergency and parking ban ends at 7 am on Wednesday. If you parked your car at a discounted garage or parking lot, you have until 9 am to remove your car and receive the discounted rate. Boston Public Schools will be closed Wednesday, March 14th. 

Boston Public Schools will close for the fourth time this winter on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. A snow emergency and parking ban starts at 7 am Tuesday. The purpose of the parking ban is to keep major roadways accessible to plows and emergency vehicles. 

Cars parked on snow emergency routes will be ticketed and towed. In Fort Point, the following roads are subject to the parking ban: A St., Congress St., Northern Ave., Seaport Blvd. (from Atlantic Ave. to B St.), and Summer Street. 

Parking at discounted garages starts at 5 am. To receive discounted rates at selected garages you may park up to  two hours before a snow emergency and must depart within two hours after a snow emergency is lifted. Check with the garage for rates and details. Closest Fort Point garages are the BCEC parking lot (entrance Cypher St) and the Channel Center Garage. You must show proof of South Boston residency to receive discounted rate. More details at Boston.gov.

Stay warm and don't forget to check on your neighbors. 

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