Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Congress Street Pedestrian Signal at Boston Children's Museum

There will be a new pedestrian signal installed at the existing crosswalk close to the Boston Children's Museum. After years of construction planning with the City, the Boston Children's Museum, the Seaport TMA and numerous Fort Point neighbors, the signal is moving forward, and rather quickly at this point.

The current details of the project are as follows:
  • The signal will allow pedestrians wishing to cross Congress Street in this location to activate a new pedestrian signal while simultaneously giving a red stop light for vehicles traveling in both directions of Congress Street.
  • Standard construction hours will be Monday - Friday from 7:00AM – 3:00PM.
    • Some occasional Saturday early morning work may be required for specific project components such as paving.
    • The Seaport TMA will provide updates on any weekend work.
  • The current plan is for activity to begin on the southern side of Congress Street first (side of 303 and 313 Congress) then move to the northern side.
  • Police details have been requested to help manage traffic flow, however there may be instances in which work is taking place without a detail present. (Contractors are typically allowed to work without a detail if they have shown evidence of requesting them.)
  • The Seaport TMA and Boston Children’s Museum have stressed the importance of this location needing a police detail due to the high volume of pedestrian activity, traffic and general activity here.
  • The project schedule anticipates most of the work being completed by the end of the November, with the actual traffic signal installed and the pedestrian/traffic signals active in early spring.
Work will begin again on Thursday, October 7, 2015.
  • The contractor will complete the sawcutting that started Tuesday on the museum side of Congress Street before setting up on the southern side of the street.
  • The contractor will start working on the southern side of Sleeper Street, progressing towards the Bridge.
  • The contractor will be doing the cuts that come across the street though, so there will be some impact to traffic in the early days.  
source: Lauren Grymek, Executive Director, Seaport TMA

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