Tuesday, March 06, 2012


from Cam:


Today Tuesday, March 6th is the Presidential Primary for Massachusetts. All polling locations will be open from 7 AM thru 8 PM. In addition, State Committee seats will be on the ballot both for the Democrat and Republican Parties. If you are a declared as a party member you must vote in your party primary. If you are undeclared you can request either ballot from the Warden at your local poll and vote in either the Democratic or Republican Primary but not both.

South Boston has a candidate for State Committee in each:

-Representative Nick Collins is running for the Democratic State Committee for First Suffolk District

-Patricia Jennings is running for the Republican State Committee for the First Suffolk District
(They are both running a sticker campaign so you must write their name in or place a sticker in the appropriate spot.)
Every Election Day is an important day. Hope you take the time to vote.

If we want our elected's help we need to vote. It's not who you vote for, but that that you vote that really matters. They all keep track of voting records and ours is not very good. You may have met Nick Collins at one of our community meetings.

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