Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Ginger Man moving into Blue Wave

Glad to see neighbors taking an active role and changing how Fort Point evolves.


"I would like to thank all the residents in the Fort Point Channel that assisted in the opposition of Ginger Man Pub going into the Art Store at 12 Farnsworth St. Berkeley Investments has decided to move Ginger Man Pub into the former Blue Wave space instead of Farnsworth St.  We are very happy about this decision, since the Pub would have been outside the FP3 rear lobby entrance and the rear of the Pub would have been at Dockside Place front entrance.  Although FP3 and Dockside are very close to the Blue Wave space, we feel that Congress St is a better location and we appreciate the darkness and empty space, since Blue Wave closed, being alive at night. We also hear that American Provisions from Broadway St will be moving into the 5500 sf art store; we do not know the time frames yet. We hope to see the Art Store re-open close by; we will be sad to see them leave. Thank you to all for your support."

Diane Keliher FP3, 346 Congress St
Joe Rogers Fort Point Place, 21 Wormwood St

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