Thursday, February 23, 2012

BRA asks state to let developer delay building park in Fort Point

From the Herald: === Boston: Put park aside to book hotel work
Says Children’s Museum not ready with design
By Donna Goodison | Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The city wants to let the massive Seaport Square project proceed without the developer fulfilling a 6-year-old promise for a waterfront park next to the Children’s Museum.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority has asked the state to release developer John Hynes from a timetable that ties the park’s creation to the development of Seaport Square’s Parcel A, where a hotel project is moving ahead.

BRA chief planner Kairos Shen said the recession kept the Children’s Museum from doing design work for the park. The museum has fenced off the 8,000-square-foot tract — known as Parcel E in the $3.5 billion Seaport Square’s master plan — for employee parking and loading.

... “We want to be sure that public amenities are not the last to be finished, but among the first to be done,” said Li, whose organization promotes public access around Boston Harbor. “This parcel is so key because it’s right on Fort Point Channel. If it doesn’t happen now, we’re very concerned that it will be many years before it’s usable by the general public, which would be a shame.” ...

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