Saturday, April 23, 2011

Boston Shines: Next Saturday (4/30)

A big thank you to Cam Sawzin for organizing again!

Boston Shines
Neighborhood Clean Up and Party
Saturday, April 30th, 9:30


UPDATE: Meeting time Sunday tbd (probably 11:30 or later)


"Shines" schedule:
Traditional cleanup with the city on Saturday April 30th. We will meet in Binford Park as we did last year at 9:30 AM. It would be great to have a meeting place and tool drop off at 300 Summer, but someone needs to commit to be there and distribute tools. Coffee and muffins provided on both days.

SUNDAY shines/ vines planting, same meeting place starting at 1:30 unless I hear from folks about an earlier time preference

There will be a small hangout with snacks on Saturday but the main "Shines"/May day Party will be on Sunday, May 1st in Wormwood park, starting at 3:00 or so, depending on how long the vines take.

We need help with food pickup, party set up, tool distribution, organizing equipment and directing volunteers on the Summer/Congress Street side of the neighborhood.

1.The recently opened, unique and funky gourmet food shop "American Provisions" has enthusiastically committed to provide appetizers for the after party and Andy Fadous, one of the owners looks forward to meeting you all.
2. Cheryl has generously offered a donation for the vines from Spaulding Tougias and the USPS will also contribute.
3. Southie Liquors is in for wine. Lennie, the owner, did a great job for us last year.
4. Sagarinos is in as always for coffee and snacks for the morning, and beer for the party.
5. Pat's Trattoria on West Broadway will provide delicious calzones.
6. The cool new Aussie take-out/catering shop, K.O will send up fresh Aussie pies.
7. Joyce at the Channel Cafe is cooking up something special.
8. Barlows will make us a huge salad.

The post office has already cleaned a lot of the trash. Tony Mcguire, the new maintenance guy seems very cooperative and thinks the vines are a good way to send the message that A Street is not a dump. The vines are mostly okay. Planting them right against the fence with no planters will work with the snowplows.Commonwealth Ventures will contribute a work force and planting supplies.

Looking forward to a great turnout and perfect weather!

Warm Regards,

Cam Sawzin
Outreach Chair, Fort Point Neighborhood Association

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