Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Meetings Scheduled to Discuss Proposed Street Cleaning Ordinance

Two press releases from Councilor Linehan's office on his proposed "No Tow" street cleaning ordinance for South Boston:

June 1, 2010
Contact: Tim Brown, 617-635-3203,

Street Cleaning/ Towing Community Meetings

City Councilor Bill Linehan and the Boston Transportation Department will hold three community meetings in South Boston to discuss the Councilor’s proposed ‘No Tow’ Street Cleaning Program. Under the program, towing will be suspended and violators will receive a $100 ticket in the South Boston neighborhood. The City of Boston will determine whether or not to implement Councilor Linehan’s proposal based upon the outcome of these meetings, so it is important residents make every effort to attend.

Community Meetings:

Monday, June 7th 6:30 pm – Joseph P. Tynan School, 650 East Fourth Street

Tuesday, June 8th 6:30 pm – James Condon Elementary School, 200 D Street

Thursday, June 10th 6:30pm - St. Brigid’s Parish, 841 East Broadway

Councilor Linehan encourages all South Boston residents to offer their feedback in any way. Please contact his office with any questions or comments: 617-635-3203 or


June 1, 2010
Contact: Tim Brown, 617-635-3203,

Councilor Linehan’s Last Ditch Effort for “No-Tow” Street Cleaning Program

Councilor Linehan has drafted an ordinance that would allow the implementation of a “No-Tow” Street Cleaning Program in South Boston. The matter will be presented at a public hearing of the Boston City Council on Monday April 5th at 2:30 PM. Under the program, towing will be suspended and violators will receive a $100 ticket. Councilor Linehan believes the Public Works & Transportation Department can assess the program over the spring months by using this tool. Linehan’s goal is the permanent elimination of towing by private contractors in South Boston.

"I believe we can effectively clean our streets without towing," Linehan explains. "This plan will demonstrate we can improve street cleaning, increase compliance and use a less punitive approach that makes better use of our resources."

The “No-Tow” proposal will allow the City to capture more revenue while creating a greater deterrent to get cars off the street. The burden of the fine will now be equally applied with no monies going to private tow companies. Violators also won't experience the added hassle of retrieving their vehicle.

With the increased ticket, the City will have a greater capacity to clean around cars and any debris left behind by the sweeper. The plan also presents a more “green” alternative to the current program by conserving resources, discontinuing the environmentally unfriendly practice of towing and decreasing the amount of idling by multiple City vehicles while they wait for the police to authorize each tow.

Councilor Linehan credits the Mayor's office for improved and expanded street cleaning efforts during the winter months. Both offices worked together to change the hours of operation for street cleaning in South Boston from 8am-4pm to 9am-5pm. This modification has been a huge success, allowing residents an extra hour to get their vehicles off the road in the morning hours.

With the “No Tow” Street Cleaning Program, Councilor Linehan has created a new transportation zone, “Zone C”, encompassing the entire South Boston neighborhood. It is important to note that Councilor Linehan’s proposal can only be implemented if the Boston Public Works & Transportation Department adopts and uses the new “Zone C”. If the program is successful, the City will have the power to expand the boundaries of “Zone C” to include other neighborhoods.

Following the Monday’s City Council hearing, Councilor Linehan will ask that the ordinance be put to a vote of the full Council. Councilor Linehan strongly encourages all residents to offer their feedback in anyway. Please make every effort to attend Monday’s hearing, call Councilor Linehan’s office or call the Mayor’s hotline at 617-635-4500.

The Boston City Council’s Committee on Government Operations will convene on Monday, April 5th at 2:30 PM. The hearing will be in the Christopher A. Iannella Chamber on the Fifth Floor of Boston City Hall. Members of the public who wish to testify should arrive five minutes early to sign in.

Written comments can be sent to Nathan Pham at or mailed to Boston City Council, One City Hall Square- Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02201. Councilor Linehan can be reached at 617-635-3203 or by email at

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