Monday, June 07, 2010

Pappa Gallo Liquor License

As mentioned in a previous post, the 'Legendary Restaurant Group' is seeking a 2 AM liquor license for a new restaurant/bar called Pappa Gallo at 283 Summer St.

Even if you don't live across the street from it, this license will set a precedent for what future bars and restaurants will be allowed to do, so it's important for the neighborhood to speak up.  The Licensing Board wants to hear from residents and does listen (as we saw with Artistry and Barlow's).

If you have not, please consider writing a letter with your thoughts.  It only takes a minute and can be a brief as you like (two sentences is fine).  You can email Casey Hines at the Mayor's office and she said she would get them to the board:

A few concerns/suggestions I've heard from residents:

  • 2 AM is too late for a residential neighborhood and will attract a "last call" crowd.  For the first year, one option would be to make the license end at 11 PM (patrons out by 11:30) M-Th, and 12 (out by 12:30) on Friday and Saturday. 
  • Ensure that there is someone at the door to help patrons find taxis and to control noise.
  • Prohibit how late private parties can go.


  1. NO BODY lives in this neighborhood anymore, all the artists were kicked out and most buildings are vacant on both sides of the street.

  2. I guess those of us who've stayed didn't get the memo...

    There's still people in a number of the old residential buildings (300 Summer, 249 A St., Mondo Condo, ...) and a lot of new units have gone up: 21 Wormwood St., Midway Studios, Channel Center, FP3...


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