Monday, July 06, 2009

Music on the Channel Next Two Thursdays

Come listen to Fort Point's own Cam Sawzin perform this and next Thursday:

Claudio Ragazzi, Fernando Michelian, Cameron Sawzin, and Gerry Mordis
5:30-7:30 PM
Thursday, July 9th
Children's Wharf Park

Fabulous Argentinean guitarist and composer Claudio Ragazzi and pianist Fernando Michelia, violinist Gerry Mordis and I will be performing in the July 9th Friends of Fort Point Channel Summer Concert series at Children's Wharf Park. Claudio recently wrote several pieces for the film score for Francis Ford Copplola's latest film and played all the guitar on it as well. This very unusual concert is a mixture of sophisticated tango, jazz/fusion and contemporary music, featuring beautiful melodies and infectious rhythmic patterns, and all the the music was arranged for this ensemble by Claudio. Hope the wind doesn't blow it off the stands- it's difficult enough!

Boston Virtuosi musicians are developing collaborations with other ensembles, and the rock-out electric cello concert on July 16th featuring the cello chix will also include elegant acoustic and tonally rich classical music with the unique sound of a cello quartet. The Channel Cello band is comprised of Cynthia Forbes, Becca Thornblade Susanna Porte and I, and will be performing at the Fort Point summer music series on July 16th. Hope you can join us!

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