Monday, April 13, 2009

MBTA Proposed Changes - Bus 6 Going Away

As part of their budget cuts, the MBTA has released a proposal for changes in service to save costs. Bus #7 (CityPoint - Downtown via Summer St) and bus #11 (CityPoint - Downtown via Broadway and South Station), the two main routes that go through Fort Point, are not going to be affected. Two nearby routes are being eliminated, though neither is widely used:
-#6 Bus, which runs from South Station to Haymarket via the North End
-SL3, which is the Silverline route that goes from City Point to the Marine Industrial Park

The full list from the T:

The following is a list of proposed service changes by route. For the routes not listed, no major changes are planned. The plan is designed with no change in operating cost; therefore, any service increase depends on a corresponding service reduction. Changes in the recommendations listed below are anticipated as a result of the public process, and not all of the proposals listed will be implemented. In addition, it is possible that some changes will not occur due to the inability to successfully reallocate the small changes across the region that are necessary to create a cost-neutral final plan. Approved changes are projected to be implemented beginning in Spring 2009. For a detailed description of each proposal, please refer to the MBTA’s Preliminary 2008 Service Plan.

Key: Day: W = Weekday; Sat = Saturday; Sun = Sunday.
Route Day Description
4 W Extend route to Tide Street/BMIP; modify morning outbound route to use Commercial St. in the North End.
6 W Eliminate route due to low ridership
8 Sat/Sun Eliminate last 1-2 trips on weekends
21 W/Sat Extend Span of Service by adding trips after 9PM
24 Sun Extend Span of Service by adding trips between 7AM-9AM
26 W/Sat Reduce frequency after 9PM
28 W/Sat/Sun Modify outbound route to bypass John Eliot Square; increase frequency on Saturday evening and Sunday morning
31 W/Sat/Sun Upgrade to Key Route status; increase frequency during weekday midday, Saturday night, and Sunday night
34/34E W/Sun Increase frequency during weekday evening and Sunday afternoon
48 W/Sat Eliminate route due to low ridership
59 Sat/Sun Modify weekend route to use Needham St. variation rather than Eliot St.
89 W/Sat Modify outbound route after 7:30PM weekdays and 7PM Saturdays to serve Davis Sq instead of Clarendon Hill
99 Sat Modify frequency and extend route to serve Gateway Center
136/137 Sat/Sun Reduce frequency to every 45 minutes and loop all outbound buses via 136 and inbound via 137; begin new Sunday service
170 W Eliminate route segment between Waltham and Bedford due to low ridership; add an afternoon inbound trip
201 Sat Eliminate first two and the final round trip due to low ridership
202 Sat Eliminate first and last round trips due to low ridership
212 Sat Eliminate first trip
214 Sat Combine all Saturday trips with Route 216
216 Sat Combine all Saturday trips with Route 214
217 W Eliminate last trip
222 W/Sat/Sun Extend route to Washington/Pleasant in Weymouth; eliminate route segment between Jackson Sq and Ward/French in Hingham
225 W Extend some trips to Columbian Sq/South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth; increase frequency during PM peak
230 Sat/Sun Eliminate last two trips
238 W Add inbound trip at 5:45AM
439 W Reduce frequency
441/442 W Eliminate Haymarket-Wonderland route segment during PM Peak; improve frequency to every 10 minutes during PM Peak
451 Sat Eliminate first trip
456 W Reduce frequency
500 W Eliminate route due to low ridership
554 W Modify route of selected trips to travel via Forest St, Trapelo Rd., and Waverley Oaks Rd. in Waltham
SL2 W/Sat/Sun Simplify route by moving layover to South Station, rather than at BMIP; improve frequency
SL3 W Eliminate route due to low ridership
F1 W Discontinue 7:40 PM ferry from Hingham and 8:30 PM ferry from Rowes Wharf; modify special holiday schedules
F2/F2H W/Sat/Sun Cut trips from Boston after 7:20 PM except in summer; cut last Fri/Sat summer trip; reduce weekday midday freq; cut first
weekend trip except in summer; begin summer schedule at Memorial Day rather than mid-June; other minor changes
F4 W Eliminate Charlestown Navy Yard – Long Wharf ferry on Thanksgiving Day holiday

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