Thursday, May 08, 2008

Globe Article on Martin and Michele Yeeles

There's a nice article in the Globe about Martin and Michele Yeeles:

They're channeling their energies into the home Front

By Christopher Muther, Globe Staff | May 8, 2008

Their street resembles a construction zone, and the rest of the neighborhood is the kind of place that people describe as a few years away from becoming the next big thing. But Martin and Michele Yeeles are so enamored of their Fort Point Channel surroundings that they are embracing the role of retail pioneers. Tomorrow they open their gift and accessories shop, called Front, in a tucked-away location in the burgeoning district.

Since 2001, the British couple have been operating a company called Bob's Your Uncle, creating boldly designed greeting cards, gift wrap, place mats, file folders, and other nonessential bric-a-brac that becomes essential thanks to its cheeky wit and sharp design. They have run their stationery business as designers and wholesalers, but never as retailers. You can thank Fort Point Channel for the bold move from behind-the-scenes to behind-the-counter.

"If we were anywhere else, I don't know if we'd be as gung-ho about opening a store," Martin says. "It definitely has to do with pride of home."

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