Thursday, October 11, 2007

P&G / Gillette Renovation

P&G / Gillette are in the process of trying to renovate their facilities to bring office workers to it from downtown. Even though it's in our neighborhood, no one we can find in the neighborhood was notified or given any information about the project, and the neighborhood organizations such as ourselves, FPAC, and SAND were not given notice about the proposal.

This issue was brought up with Councilor Linehan at the 'Conversations with the Councilor’ at Midway Studios. Linehan fielded questions that evening and his office responded the next day to FPNA's email to him:

Our office had met with Gillette and we apologize for not ensuring they reached out to every neighborhood association affected. While Gillette has met with the Lower End Political Action Committee and the West Broadway Neighborhood Association, we heard it loud and clear last night that no one in Fort Point received the same consideration. In response, our office will facilitate a meeting with Gillette to be held in Fort Point to present the proposed renovation. I will be in touch shortly with more information.

We will keep you posted when we hear about the meeting date.

Among the concerns raised were:
-Increased noise from moving the loading dock from Dot Ave to A Street.
-The increase in traffic caused by 300-400 additional car commuters
-Inadequate greenery and greenspace

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